The Universal Stylus Initiative (USI) is going to launch its first open standard, active stylus certification program, which basically is a type of certification that a stylus or device must receive. Such devices which pass the USI standard protocol and electrical testing will ultimately get such certification.

So you can count on these certified devices before buying, they will have the USI logo to show that it’s certified. Products from ELAN, HP, Lenovo, Maxeye, Sunrex, Sunwoda, Waltop get Certified For USI 1.0 Eco-system. Here lies the press release that will give more details about the Open Standard, Active Stylus Certification Program:

WAKEFIELD, Mass., USA – June 10, 2020 – The Universal Stylus Initiative (USI) launched today the industry’s first open standard, active stylus certification program. Multiple products already completing USI certification testing include products from ELANHP Inc.; LenovoMaxeye Smart Technologies Co., Ltd.;  Sunrex Technology CorporationSunwoda Electronic Co., Ltd., and Waltop International Corporation. A list of products using the USI 1.0 specification can be found at  

Also, Allion Labs, Inc., an international engineering company that provides customized product testing, validation and consulting services, was approved for all USI active stylus certification testing.

Universal Stylus Initiative to launch the first Open Standard, Active Stylus Certification Program

To achieve USI certification, a stylus or device must pass the USI standard protocol and electrical testing. The certification program has been defined to verify stylus interoperability across devices from different manufacturers that implement the USI Stylus and Device Specification — the first open standard, active stylus protocol available on the market. When a product passes certification testing, the manufacturer or supplier is granted the right to use the USI logo.

“USI certification provides a company’s product the dual competitive advantages of an open, active stylus standard combined with verification of that product’s interoperability across the USI eco-system,” said Peter Mueller, chairman, USI. “Launching the certification program is a major milestone toward the industry goal of a single, open, active stylus capable of operating with all the devices that a consumer owns or uses in the workplace or at home.”

USI Certification Program Overview

USI product certification is the process by which a manufacturer certifies that their active stylus product conforms to the USI specification. This ensures that USI certified products can be distinguished by users as having been rigorously tested and validated.  

The USI Certification Program is open to USI members. Certification is performed by a USI authorized testing facility or, in some cases, a self-certification process is available.  Certified products earn the right to display the USI Certification Mark on the company website, product sales material and packaging

USI 1.0:  First Open, Non-proprietary Active Stylus Specification

The USI 1.0 Specification defines a standard signalling mechanism and communication protocol between a stylus and a touch-enabled device. USI 1.0 replaces propriety approaches with a single solution allowing a stylus to be used across a wide range of touch-enabled devices, including phones, tablets, computing and entertainment platforms.

For the first time, independent hardware vendors (IHVs), original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and the software ecosystem can develop a new generation of active styluses that provide consumers with a consistent, customizable and interoperable experience across make, model and form-factor.  

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