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Future gaming technologies to look out for

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Technology has helped to advance the gaming world greatly. We can boldly say that the main key driving growth in the industry is technology. We have seen this over the years and it continues to get better. Technology now helps people enjoy games as if it were happening in real life. 

It has affected all parts of the gaming industry like mobile gaming, consoles, casino gaming, esports, etc. This advancement is not about to stop soon, the future of technology in gaming even looks brighter. We have explained below some future gaming technologies you should look out for. 

Artificial Intelligence 

History was made in 1997 when Deep Blue became the first computer to defeat world chess champion, Garry Kasparov, in a game of chess. The role of artificial intelligence has continued to grow since then, many more experts are now finding it tough to compete with computers. 

The online casino world also makes use of AI to improve customer service. This is done through the use of chatbots to reply queries 24/7 with human-like answers. This is being improved daily and in the nearest feature will eventually replace human customer service. 

All the best online casinos are utilizing AI to help players personalize their experience on the site. AI uses already stored data of casino players to customize their experience. They are shown casino games they play regularly and even games that suit their previous gaming choices on the site. This helps the casinos meet the personal needs of each player. 


The use of wearables in the gaming industry is still in its infancy. Not so much progress has been made yet but more companies are working as the demand grows. These wearables include different tools of VR (Virtual reality) and AR (Augmented reality) like Myo, Vuzix iWear, HTC Vive, Gameband, etc. 

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Different sections of the gaming industry are working with wearables to make gaming experience smoother, easier, and more real. For example, the Myo gaming armband which stays comfortably on your arms helps you to carry out actions by making gestures. The band which has inbuilt sensors reads activities like fist-clenching, finger movement, arm-waving, etc. With a smile flick of the wrist, you can control actions on some PC games. 

AR and VR gaming is already contributing well to the Industry. In 2019 alone, it generated about $6.3 billion. However, there are still challenges that need to be solved. For example, most VR headsets weigh over a pound and are strapped tightly to the player’s face. It makes the players sweat and could sap up energy. Companies are expected to slim down their VR tools to make it more comfortable for use. 

On-demand gaming 

On-demand gaming involves participation in live streams of video games. You can enjoy the game by streaming on simple devices like mobile phones. This is already a reality in the gaming world and is improving so fast. 


The open-source game development environment is already prevailing in today’s world. Many gaming solutions are expanding rapidly beyond basic operating systems. Open-source games are being released regularly. It has made gaming architecture simpler and more affordable for game developers and companies. 

Some free and open-source game software tools include Godot Engine, Delta Engine, Panda 3D, MonoGame, Superpowers, and many more. Most of these tools offer editors that help to create games in 2D and 3D. Some popular open-source games include Doom, Smokin’ Guns, Xonotic, etc. They are available in 3D video games format and can be easily downloaded and played. 

Fan engagement 

Technology is allowing for an increase in fan engagement in esports. Thousands of fans can connect, watch, and listen to commentary as professional players play computer games. Esports is also very inclusive, it allows anyone to join and try as a professional player. 

In 2020, Global Esports’ revenue will exceed more than $1 Billion as the number of audiences surpassed 433 million. Newzoo further predicts that Esports’ viewership will grow to about 645 million in 2022. 

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