Browser is a tool we use almost every day either in our smartphone or on a computer or in some other gadgets like tab and all. Whenever you need to google something, you just open a browser and make that search. Don’t you? Based on the market share, in 2020, Google Chrome is that one leading the entire browser market currently.

As per the recently published report by Net Application, Google Chrome alone owns 69.8% of the entire market. Net Application is an analytics firm belongs to California, US. The mentioned market share percentage of Chrome, in their report, was only reached by the Internet Explorer of Microsoft. It happened back in 2008. It grabbed 70% of the market share at that time.

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Though Microsoft lost its leadership earlier, it’s not out of the race yet. The new Edge is earning popularity over the past few months. If the growth rate remains the same, it will manage to secure around 10.3% of the market share by 2021.

If you are expecting Mozilla Firefox in a good condition, well, that’s not really happening. Though it holds a 7.2% market share, the growth rate is flat.

Comparing the growth rates of the browsers, Google’s Chrome is going to rule the market. It’s hard to beat it until a new competitor joins the race or any of the other browsers bring major changes.

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