Most of us like to have insurance for things which are precious to us. Bike, car and house insurance is pretty common. Health and life insurance is also a very popular thing. Footballers and celebrities aren’t too unknown to these insurances either.

Many celebrities have insured their favourite body parts. Kylie Minogue’s bum has been insured for £100m. Many top footballers have also insured their legs.

Real Madrid winger Gareth Bale’s left foot is worth around £100m. The Welshman has got his left foot insured. He has an insurance policy to cover his leg in case it gets injured and he can’t play anymore.


Bale confirmed on ‘The Erik Anders Lang Show’ that there is an insurance agreement for his left foot – but refused to reveal the exact details. According to experts, it would be in the range of £100m ($126m).

The insurance for footballers’ legs has become popular nowadays. Gareth Bale’s Real Madrid ex-teammate Cristiano Ronaldo also has his legs insured. Another former Real Madrid player David Beckham is also on the list of footballers’ who have insured their legs.

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