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Top 7 new rule changes in football as the 2019-20 season resumes after the Coronavirus break

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All major football activities have been suspended since March due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Millions of people are affected with the death toll reaching many thousands around the globe.

Fortunately, things are beginning to brighten up. Football is about to resume in full fledge which is a joy to hear. Germany has taken the first step. Bundesliga has resumed its 2019-20 season from 16th May. LaLiga is heading towards a 12th June restart. Premier League has also placed “Project Restart” in action. Serie A is also following the footsteps of these leagues.

The only major European leagues to end their season are Ligue 1 and Eredivisie. It was very heartbreaking for the fans as well as the clubs. But, health comes before everything else, so we have to accept it.

As football is heading towards resumption, there are few new rules which will be implemented in this season. Let’s have a look at them:

1. Five substitutions are allowed in a game

Previously, each team was allowed to make three substitutions in a game. Now, for this season at least, the rule has changed. Each team will be allowed to make up to five substitutions in a game. This has been done to protect players from injuries and fatigue as the teams are required to play matches in gaps of 2-3 days.


2. Teams will be given three slots to make the substitutions

Earlier, the manager had the full freedom of making substitutions whenever he felt it was good to make for the team. The new rule has allotted three time-slots (including the half time break) for the teams to make substitutions. This will ensure there is no unnecessary time waste and the matches are finished off quickly and smoothly.

3. Social distancing in the technical area

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The substitutes sitting in the substitution bench need to maintain social distancing between them. They can also wear masks. The non-playing staffs also have to follow social distancing and wear masks.

4. Team celebrations have been banned

The teams will not be allowed to celebrate goals or wins together. The goalscorer can obviously celebrate but his teammates shouldn’t join him to celebrate outrageously. The players can celebrate individually but not together to maintain social distancing.


5. Pre-match handshakes have been banned

The players of the two clubs featuring in a match have been banned from involving in pre-match handshakes with each other. This measure has been taken to minimize the amount of contact the players come into with other players.

5. Matches will be played behind closed doors

It will be impossible to manage fan gatherings and maintain social distancing. The gathering of thousands of fans in the stadium can result in another outbreak of the Coronavirus among the fans. To avoid any such chance, large gatherings have been banned. The matches will be played behind closed doors in empty stadiums.

6. Two matchdays in a week

The football calendar has already been stretched too far. To finish off the 2019-20 season quickly and then start the new 2020-21 season, the teams will play 2 matches in a week instead of playing one match in every weekend. All the leagues are targeting to finish off the remaining games of this season by July. UEFA has planned the Champions League final at the beginning of August.

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Rahul Roy
Rahul Roy
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