Forbes just released its Global 2000 annual ranking list for all the public companies around the globe. Considering only the tech companies, Apple floated up at the top. Among all the public companies it ranked 9th with the assets over USD 240 billion and market value of USD 1.285 trillion.

Our most common name Alphabet and Microsoft reserve the 13th position with the market values of USD 919.3 billion and USD 1359 billion respectively. Going down to the stack, Samsung is there at index number 16 followed by Intel at 38th and IBM at the 51st. Their market values are sequentially USD 278.7 billion, USD 254 billion, and USD 111.5 billion. In the range of the top 100 companies, Sony is the last one holding the 58th position with USD 78.7 billion. Sony is sharing this position with India’s Reliance Industries.

If we proceed farther, with a longer range from 101 to 500, we will find Dell at the 127th place, Xiaomi at 384th place, HP at the 432nd place, and Nvidea at the 489th place. Down below Lenovo is founded at the 681st position. Intel’s toughest challenger AMD got the rank of 1039th. Lastly, our Asus anyhow manages to grab a position at the end side, seat number 1850.

In the other hand, Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, or Huawei no one can reserve any of the global rank within 2000.

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