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Want a Career in Cybersecurity? Then Overcome CompTIA SY0-501 Exam Using Exam Dumps

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Introducing CompTIA

As a way of giving back to the community, CompTIA donated nearly 1 million to 70 different IT-related charities over these past eight years. But why? Just because these organizations strive to get adolescents and adults into IT careers. They also promote diversity in the IT sector by encouraging certain groups who have traditionally been left out of the IT conversation, such as people from a different ethnic background, to consider a career in technology. Through their time, funds, and efforts, CompTIA is creating stunning opportunities for more& more people, and by doing so they hope to combat the skilled worker shortages in the IT industry. But their efforts to solve this crisis go far beyond. CompTIA also issues globally recognized tech certifications that make the job landing process much easier. And because of the skills learners acquire as they go through CompTIA’s rigorous coursework, they become competent for various job roles, being primed to address any challenges in their field.

Thus, this article will tell you more about the CompTIA Home Page Link exam and its related certification, theSecurity+ badge. What is more, you will read the outline of the job roles you can opt for in case you attain the desired credential.

Let’s Talk about CompTIA SY0-051


The CompTIA SY0-051 assessment is an entry-level exam in cybersecurity which you can take as a starting point to develop in this field. As it was said, it revolves around cybersecurity and addresses concepts that lie at the heart of this niche so that the graduate can thrive working there. You will be taught not just how to identify system vulnerabilities, but also solve them. As well, you will be carrying out penetration testing to check whether the existing system can be compromised, alongside managing which services are accessed. What is more, you will have the opportunity to put established network designs into practice and will have to troubleshoot, carry out risk management best practices, learn about cryptography & public key infrastructure.

The first thing to do if you want to sit for SY0-051 exam is to pay an entry fee of $349. As for the details of the test, this assessment is unique cause it is the only foundational-level security exam that contains 90performance-based questions alongside MCQs, meaning you need to have the ability to solve presented problems or perform some specific task, and to do it all within a 90-minute test frame. To be considered for the exam, you are recommended to hold the CompTIA Network+ credential and are expected to have two years of experience administering IT with work on security issues as the prime focus. In the end, the successful candidate will obtain the globally recognized vendor-neutral badge of CompTIA Security+. This credential will set you apart from competing peers as you are going to be exposed to the variety of different job roles. To find out more about them, read the following passage.

Job Prospects with CompTIA

Of course, after gaining the CompTIA Security+ credential, you may think of job prospects available for you at the moment. So, what job roles does this certification entail? And how well are the payouts? Let’s see at

Junior IT Auditor– This job role sets you in the middle of a challenging environment where success needs the help of aptitude, teamwork, and communication. You are responsible for executing audits on current procedures in an organization& whether they are vulnerable, gathering evidential data during the process, and making reports out of them to back up your suggestions for improvements. PayScale states that the average annual income of IT auditors is $66,934.

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Cybersecurity Penetration Tester– Here you will deploy self-constructed tools to probe an organization’s networks to seek out potential vulnerabilities that attackers might exploit. Any organization will have sensitive internal information that needs protecting, and for this role of saviour you are gifted with the gargantuan average of $84,536 a year according to PayScale.

Security Engineer– Phishing, adware, and malware. All unwelcomed, yet if they find a poorly secured network they proliferate like an epidemic. So, if you choose to wear the hat of a Security Engineer, then you’ll have to set up ways to detect this disruptive
software. You need to know how to configure firewalls as well. Most importantly, it is in your hands to make systems tough enough to withstand distortions caused by events such as hacker attacks or natural disasters. For these efforts, you’ll receive an average of $89,742 a year according to the

Being aware of the career prospects you can enjoy, let’s now dwell on the helpful resources you can take advantage of to efficiently prepare for your SY0-051 exam.

CompTIA Plays Their Part in Your Exam Prep

Before getting down to your exam prep, you need to search the net for the best sources to prepare. So, what are they? CompTIA itself gives students access to various CertMaster training products (Learn, Labs, Practice) created to help you earn the Security+ badge. Using them the test-takers can view tons of interactive e-learning content and progress at their own pace. This includes questions that give feedback once a student tries them and a final timed test that simulates the real exam environment. Such products also help students spot gaps in understanding & allow them to do virtual labs. Great as it is, they will cost you A LOT to buy.

Exam Dumps to the Rescue

A better alternative would be to usePrepawa. Here you’ll be able to take a number of exam dumps for the CompTIA SY0-501 assessment and do it all for free. These dumpson the Prepaway will replicate the exact testing environment of SY0-051 exam, inclusive of question types and timing, and is sure to build up your competency and confidence leading up to the exam day. With Prepaway you’ll also have the option to buy theSY0-051 Premium Bundle of dumps comprising of 729 questions with answers that have been expertly verified and a helpful study guide; all at a price of only $44.99. All products from this provider go in the vce format, so you’ll need the VCE Exam Simulator to open these exam dumps.

So, turning yourself to Prepaway in your exam prep will save your time and money as well as will equip you with the relevant skills to pass the SY0-051 exam in the first attempt. On that note, it’s high time to draw conclusions.

In It to Win It

If you made it this far, we know you are determined. There’s no reason to back out, after all, the CompTIA Security+ credential is renewable at three-year intervals thanks to CompTIA’s resourceful Continuing Education (CE) program.

Like the old saying goes: practice makes perfect. So, prepare for the SY0-051 assessment using free updated exam dumps from Prepaway and hopefully, you’ll end up with those super perfect test scores. And hey, isn’t that what you want?

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