iQOO Neo 3 5G will launch on April 23, Chinese blog video hints

Chinese digital blogger took to the realm of Nintendo’s new hit game for the Switch – Animal Crossing: New Horizons to hint the launch date of a smartphone. This something we do not see so frequently and usually for any hint. The blogger made a video where he put some elements interestingly to hint the launch of the device. The device we are talking about here is iQOO Neo 3 5G. The video is here, try to find out all the clues you get related to the device.

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If you have decoded the whole video then congrats you know what we are trying to say. But if you have not decoded and unable to decode it completely then do not worry we are here to help you. This is just like a treasure hunting video and there are four hints about the iQOO Neo 3 5G. Let’s see which are those four…

Picture 1

Picture 1: The above picture appears at the very start of the video. Here we can see the branding of iQOO on a device (Neo 3). The first hint is that the device will feature 5G connectivity. The second one is that all the colours blue will be one of the available options. The third hint is that from the image you can see that the back of the device looks shiny, so from here we can guess that the device will come with a glass body or with a shiny plastic body at the back.

Picture 2

Picture 2: From this image, we get the remaining two hints. The fourth hint is the name of the device which is confirmed here as the iQOO Neo 3. The last and the most interesting hint is that the “4.23” mentioned on the canvas on the right side of the image indicates the launch date of the device, which is April 23 decoding “4.23”.


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