First photo Shot on Microsoft Surface Duo shared by Microsoft’s Executive

Microsoft announced the Surface Duo last year in the Microsoft Surface event. The Surface Duo is the miniature version of the Surface Neo which was also announced last year in the Surface event alongside Duo, and Duo is the smartphone version and Microsoft’s vision of how a dual-screen device should be.

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Microsoft Surface Duo is dual screen smartphone with 5.6-inches display sizes. It has only one camera which is inside the device or can be called the selfie camera and there is no rear camera or on the outer side of the device. The device supports the Surface Pen and the company confirmed that Duo will run a Microsoft-skinned version of Android. This is all the specs we know so far for the dual screen device as Microsoft has not has not declared most of its specs yet.

Today, Panos Panay, Microsoft’s Chief Product Officer posted an image of him in his official Instagram handle showing his “Work From Home” routine and also said that it was shot by his son, Costas. Now coming to the main thing, we have seen in the promo video of Microsoft Surface Duo that the device has no external/rear camera so it is safe to guess that the image is shot from the internal/front camera.

The image quality of Duo is not at all bad, even though we know that Instagram has done manipulation with the original image, which is more likely to be some more detailed. The exposure of the image is very appreciable, even though it is shot indoor, it has decent colors and dynamic range. Till now we can’t decide exactly how good or bad it is, as Microsoft has already promised us to give a “world-class camera”.

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Microsoft planned to launch the Surface duo on 2020, but few days back we got some news that the company will be launching the device ahead of pre-mentioned launch date and will pack in 2019 features. But we can see that that was a mere rumor, the company hase;nt launched the device yet and has not mentioned any official launch date amid COVID-19.


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