As we all know the fact apart from e-commerce amazon works on several sectors like it may be entertainment, apparel, health care, etc. There are a bunch of things Amazon is currently working on among which “Project Tempo” is in the talk in the Gaming world.

Project Tempo is reportedly a gaming platform just like Google’s Stadia and Nvidia’s GeForce Now. Simply, Amazon is again stepping into another segment which is gaming in order to compete with Google’s Stadia, the recent most popular game streaming platform for Gamers around the world.

Amazon working on 'Project Tempo' cloud gaming platform - Industry ...

According to some reports, Amazon is not only building a Game streaming platform but also focusing on developing its own games for quite a long time. Amazon has been working on a game called Crucible ever since 2014 and along with that game, the company is going to bring another game called New World, which will be a multiplayer online game and will fit perfectly in the multiplayer game genre.

Amazon is using its cloud computing technologies to develop this streaming platform where gamers can interact with its viewers disclosed as the part of the project. Amazon is also developing its own gaming console to give a user friendly experience as well.

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As for Project Tempo, Amazon reportedly hoped to launch an early version of the platform sometime this year (2020) but may have to delay its official start date until 2021 due to the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak.


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