HP + Valve + Microsoft = Reverb G2 Headset

A virtual reality headset, VR Headset, in short, is a head-mounted device that brings the virtual things into the physical world for the wearer. The VR headsets are mainly used in gaming. But there are many more sectors like medical, military, etc where it can be used.

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As technology develops, the quality, popularity, implementation of VR headsets are rapidly increasing too. So, tech giants, gaming sectors all are investing a huge amount for its development. HP recently released a teaser of its new Reverb G2 Headset.

As per the official tweeter post, HP worked with Valve and Microsoft in this project. They addressed to the developers, architects, and VR users in the post and added: “Get a sneak peek of the next benchmark in virtual reality headsets”.

In the teaser “The Next Generation” is firstly highlighted, which is obvious and expected from them. The interesting quote is “No Compromise” which fades in after a quick front look of the headset. Since HP keeps all the details of the product suspense, so many questions arise for the second quote. One of them is how they overcome the previously compromisable facts.

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At present, all the VR lovers need to wait for the next notification from HP.

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