“WHO MyHealth” App is going to launch for Android, iOS, and Web

The maximum of the world activity is paused due to the COVID-19 spread. All the internationally renowned companies like Google, Facebook; organizations like WHO; celebrities, all the national companies are trying to help common people and fight against this virus in there own ways.

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Google already launched its website for the information, links, and details of coronavirus. But, side by side many rumours are also spreading through social media, which are misleading viewers and it’s dangerous.

World Health Organisation is continuously sharing valuable information, awareness tips, status, etc from the beginning. Now, to spread its all announcements more, they are preparing to launch an Application.

The application can be launched by the name of “WHO MyHealth” and will be available for Android, iOS and in the Web version too. This app is mainly suggested by a team of expert volunteers. This team is called as “WHO Covid App Collective”. Google and Microsoft employees along with WHO Advisors are the main members of it. Some of the other industry experts are also there.

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This plan is in motion from the past few weeks and they had the plan to launch this app today. The app will be open source and primarily contained with the information WHO’s recent WhatsApp chatbot provides.

WHO’s MyHealth app may contain the steps through which a person can diagnose whether symptoms are matching with COVID-19 symptoms or not, notifications about the infection spread in your locality (if there any), travel advice and many more.

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