The octa-core i7-10875H scores 8369 in leaked Geekbench scores

Intel is wary of AMD’s Ryzen 4000H laptop gaming processors so they will launch quite a few Comet Lake H gaming CPUs to counter the red team. Already we have spotted a few of them on benchmarks and soon they will release in the coming months.

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Intel is preparing an eight-core, sixteen thread Comet Lake Core i7-10875H which was recently spotted on Geekbench with an impressive multithreaded score of 8369. This makes it faster than the Coffee Lake i9 series, around 45% higher than the Core i9-9880H.

The octa-core i7-10875H scores 8369 in leaked Geekbench scores

The additional cores and threads do make a difference and Intel knows that the level of multi-core performance AMD Ryzen 4000 processors will be providing will be hard to beat. Already the Ryzen 7 4800H has defeated Intel’s Core i7 and i9 offerings of last year which makes its price to performance ratio incredible.

Intel already holds the edge with respect to single-core performance and now having bolstered its multi-core score, the Blue team can really convince it’s gaming fans. But the Ryzen 7 4800H offers multithreaded Geekbench performance that’s on par with the leaked Core i7-10875H.

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Now already the APU is started shipping on laptops, the high priced Core i7-9750H laptops effectively get redundant. As the Ryzen 7 4800H laptops start being sold from less than $1000, it will be interesting how Intel actually prices its new flagship laptop CPU to stay competitive in this Ryzen dominated race.

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