Now get Double Data in all plans of Jio Fiber

Jio is rolling out so many surprises from the past few days. They just doubled the 4G Data Voucher plan benefits, launched the Work-From-Home plan and Facebook’s interest in it. They gave another again. Now, they increased the data quantity of all the Jio Fiber plans, gues to promote Work-From-Home at the present COVID-19 outbreak situation.

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Users will get additional data in the form of vouchers. For example, in the Bronze plan, they provided 100GB of high-speed data for a month. Now, users will get a 100GB data voucher extra with the previous plan benefits. Similarly, for the Silver plan, users will get an extra 200GB data voucher and it continues. This is also applicable for Monthly and Anual plans. The number of vouchers will increase based on the number of months the plan stays valid.

Users can redeem the Vouchers from the MyJio application. The vouchers will be visible in the My Vouchers option. All the natures of these vouchers are the same as the vouchers Jio offers against top-up recharges (1GB Data Voucher against ₹10 Top-up, 2GB against ₹20 Top-up, etc).

We cant guess if Reliance Jio has any surprises left for us or not. Waiting is the only way to know that.

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