Google’s Website for Corona Virus is now Live

Google is the only company which is fully engaged in our daily life. We are using lots of their tools in every footstep. Its main job is to “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”. At present, the Coronavirus pandemic is at the top of the world’s news. Google itself took the responsibility to share proper and genuine information about this newly spread virus.
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The CEO of both Alphabet and Google Sundar Pichai announced to launch a new website on COVID-19. Their main motive is to serve people all the right information, analyzed reports, authorized links and convey about proper steps to prevent it. Besides getting the people to know what the disease symptoms are, steps need to follow if symptoms detected, where to go are there too. For now, Google and the U.S Government are working together on it. At the preliminary stage, this website content is fully based on the U.S. database and available in that country only. The more they will get the information, that will be uploaded. Google is updating the site frequently. It promised to make this site available in other countries. It also promised to provide analyzed reports, news of those countries too in the near future.

So many misinformation are reaching common people via social media. This website can solve the issue easily. Users can verify any kind of info they get, by visiting the links or reading the articles available on the site.

At present, they are promoting the “Do the Five” campaign to increase awareness about simple steps to slow down the spread of the disease. Side by side, as the Work-from-Home policy is increasing, Google has made the premium features of Google Meet available for free. Only the G Suit customers will avail these benefits but until 1st July of this year, the last update says.

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The website for COVID-19 is live from 16th March 2020 in the U.S. Expecting to be available in other countries in a few weeks. So now, stay safe, be aware, take proper precautions, fight together against COVID-19.

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