How to recover your lost photo safely

Recovering deleted files can be very difficult, but sometimes it can be crucial to recovering the
deleted files. Not all data recovery software is as good when it comes to recovering permanently deleted files as some of them claim to recover files that are far gone, but EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is the best data recovery software (programa de recuperação de dados) we came across.

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It can recover files deleted accidentally due to the virus, hard disk failure or software failure.
After deleting, files go to the recycle bin and even if you delete them from the recycle bin,
they are not permanently deleted, their paths are just made non-accessible, space used by these files is made available for other files when required.

Binary files remain on the system for a long time, until they are overwritten by some other files. These files might stay in the system for years, if not overwritten. But these files can be recovered in some cases, data recovery software like EaseUs can recover files like audio, video, photos, emails, text files, etc.

How to recover your lost photo safely

Using EaseUS

To get started with EaseUs data recovery wizard, I copied a .BIN file to my computer, and deleted it from the hard disk and also emptied the recycle bin. I used EaseUS to scan and recover the file.

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To my surprise, it recovered the complete file in working condition, whereas other data recovery software I used was only able to recover fragments of it, and the file was corrupted.
Then I tried to do a deep scan and it was able to recover old files, which I had long forgotten.

And the best thing is, that while it deep scans the system, it lets you preview the files that are already found by it, which is really great addition to all the features it has. While the other software makes you wait till the scan is complete.

I also went ahead and scanned my 5 TB hard disk, It showed that it was going to take 9
hours for the complete scan. If it was some other software I would not have been able to preview the files that it had recovered and I would have to wait so long, but it was very convenient with this software as I was able to recover the required files while the scan was going on. 

The photo recovery (recuperador de fotos) was also very good as I was able to recover all the photos without being corrupted and the best thing is that I could preview the photos while

How to recover your lost photo safely

It also lets you set a filter while scanning to search only for a specific file type, and date ranges, which can save you a lot of time if you know what you are looking for. 

Not all files are fully recoverable, you will know from the preview panel whether the files are recoverable or not. Most of the times it will get the job done, but still, the best of the best data recovery software can disappoint you in some rare cases when the files are completely damaged and are replaced by some other file.


EaseUS data recovery wizard offers you a free version which can recover up to 2 GB of data. 

If you want to recover more than 2 GB data or need tech support you can go for Pro version,
which costs $69.95 or Pro + Winpe version, which also allows you to make a bootable
recovery for situations when your system fails to boot, it comes in at $99.90.

They also Offer Technician version, which gives you a license for multiple computers and it costs $299.


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