After announcing the Pentium Gold and Celeron CPUs for laptops, Intel is updating its entry-level CPUs for both laptops & desktops. The refreshed Gemini Lake series feature a higher maximum processor frequency compared to the older CPUs but lacks new features.

These new Pentium and Celeron SoCs are based on 14nm process, as usual, still integrates with two or four Goldmont Plus processor cores which are now clocked at up to 3.1 GHz (in the Pentium Silver N5030).

Intel announces new Gemini Lake Refresh entry-level CPUs

These CPUs come with 4 cores and 4 threads except the Celeron N4020 which is surprising considering the fact that the Comet Lake-U Pentium Gold 6405U & Celeron 5205U CPUs feature 2 cores only. The new mobile CPUs have 4MB cache size, on the other hand, the Comet Lake-U CPUs only have 2MB cache memory.

These SoCs come with integrated Intel UHD Graphics 600/ 605 graphics which have up to 750MHz graphics frequency. The dual-channel memory controller is still limited to 2400 MHz (DDR4/LPDDR4), these new CPUs still offers a bit limited performance, especially in 2019/2020, which is only suitable for light office and web usage.

Intel announces new Gemini Lake Refresh entry-level CPUs

Now if the CPUs are paired with a low amount of memory or with slow HDD or eMMC disks, the systems feel rather become sloppy for daily usage. These SoCs will likely be used in low-end laptops, tablets and can feature in budget Chromebooks as well.

The bold ones are the new ones in the whole Gemini lake lineup:

N series (6 watts)

Intel announces new Gemini Lake Refresh entry-level CPUs

J series (10 watts)

Coming to the desktop CPU lineup, the series consists of 3 CPUs – Pentium Silver J5040, Celeron J4125, Celeron J4025. All these are quad-core CPUs except the dual-core Celeron J4025. These CPUs come with a higher clock speed of up to 3.2GHz and the same 4MB of cache memory.

Also, these CPUs feature Intel UHD Graphics 600/ 605 graphics which come with higher frequencies of up to 800MHz at the cost of higher TDP of 10W.

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