Numerous video games are coming in 2019-2020 with new feature and graphic style. The audience is very excited and looking forward to the upcoming sports video games which are yet to be released in 2019-2020.

1. NHL 20 

NHL 20 introduces one of the major innovation in RPM Tech-powered gameplay with signature shots. It is an ice hockey video game. The production has licensed only for real player and NHL team. It can be played alone or with a group of batch mates. NHL star looks like a truly authentic style with 45 new signature shot which looks more realistic.


· It is three-Dimensional graphic Design

· Players can take part both in indoor and outdoor competition

· NHL game gives special characteristics shot to the star with different animations and graphic style which help the player to score points.

· Eliminator module, which enriches the gameplay with some elements of the battle.

· Developers have also added a contextual shot system, which allows them to take actions depending on the situation of the player.

Developer- EA Canada

Publisher- Electronic Arts

Release Date- September 13, 2019

Platforms- PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Modes – Single-player, multiplayer

Engine- Ignite

2. FIFA 20

FIFA 20 is one of the upcoming football simulation video game published by Electronic Arts as part of the FIFA series. It is the most popular game started in 1996. It offers both single-player and multiplayer games.

As every year, we find many new players and teams in the game, with whom we like to play with and try various modes and different forms of football matches. FIFA 20 will allow players to play matches, games and tournaments with licensed national and club teams from around the world.

The brand new feature of FIFA 20 is the Volta Football mode that allows gamers to play street football. Gamers will be able to play with their favourite players and teams out of the bigger arenas and enjoy street football in various volta stadiums and grounds.

Upcoming Sports Video Games of 2019-2020


· Runs on the Frostbite engine, which will look more realistic and detailed graphic design.

· Artificial intelligence has been improved – especially in terms of the behaviour of Defenders and goalkeepers.

· It allows the player to play outside the stadium.

Developer- EA Canada

Publisher- Electronic Arts

Release Date- September 27, 2019

Platforms- PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Engine- Frostbite 3

3. WWE 2K20

WWE 2K20 game is introduced by Visual Concepts. It is a wrestling game and it is published by 2k sports. The title also includes a feature campaign – 2K Showcase: The Women’s Evolution



· This game is focused on conducting fights in the ring.

· High-quality graphic design.

· In this game, players can use different types of blows, throws and tricks.

· There are 2 modes- single-player or multiplayer.

Developer- Visual Concepts

Publisher- 2K Sports

Release Date- 22nd October 2019 

Platforms- Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

4. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 202] is a popular sports video game published and developed by Sega, based on the 2020 Summer Olympics. It is a sixth instalment in the Mario and Sonic series.



· Three-dimensional visuals.

· This game provides a different and unique character from Nintendo and SEGA.

· Players have the chance to prove themselves in karate, skateboarding, sport climbing, and surfing.

Developer- Sega Sports R&D

Publisher- Sega

Release Date- 1st November 2019

Platform- Nintendo Switch

Engine- Hedgehog Engine 2

5. Steel Circus PC

Steel Circus is an online sports game set up in 2350. It is a futuristic sports game created by Iron Mountain Interactive studio. The rules of the game are extremely simple and easy to understand. Players are placed in the arena and they will be divided into two teams. Their main target is to hit the opponent’s goal



· Game is made up of Full HD.

· The game is available only in multiplayer mode.

· During the match they will be directed by one of the champions

 Developer- Iron Mountain Interactive

Publisher– Oasis Game

Release Date- 2020

Mode – Multiplayer

To wrap things up

Numerous games are yet to come in 2019-2020. We are just looking forward to how these games will capture the market and the audience.
With the advancement of technology, games have set some new standards. We just have to see how it will create a buzz among enthusiasts and gamers.

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