Xiaomi officially showcased its Under-Display Camera phone.


The Future of Under-Display Camera Smartphone is here.

Xiaomi confirmed at the starting of this month it is working on an under screen front camera that finally eliminates the need of a notch, a hole-punch, or even a pop-up slider. The camera hides underneath a special low-reflective glass that doubles up as a camera lens on top as well. This technology is still under works, and Xiaomi Senior VP Wang Xiang has now detailed on how this technology will work. He says that the ‘Xiaomi’s Under-Display Camera Technology could be the ultimate solution for a Full-Screen Display coexisting with a front camera’.

The Future: Under-Display Camera

Do you want a sneak peek at the future? Here you go…introducing you to Under-Display Camera technology! #Xiaomi #InnovationForEveryone

For Xiaomi’s implementation of the feature, the camera is embedded in the top of the device, as usual. But instead of putting a border around it (a notch) or cutting a hole in the screen (a hole-punch display), the camera is covered with a “special-low-reflective glass with high transmittance.”

Xiaomi says the setup allows the area of the display to become transparent to take pictures, and the transparent display then cleverly doubles as the camera lens on top.

Wang Xiang on Twitter

Xiaomi’s Under-Display Camera Technology could be the ultimate solution for a Full Screen Display coexisting with a front camera! RT if you love it. #InnovationForEveryone

Xiaomi also notes that by not trying to make the camera (and, therefore, the inevitable notch) as small as possible, the transparent display system allows for a larger sensor and better image quality than its existing teardrop notches.

It doesn’t appear to be a perfect system yet: in Xiaomi’s slides, you can still see a faint outline of the camera lens underneath the active display, but it’s at least a useable area of the screen instead of one that’s obscured entirely by a monolithic notch on top. Compared to other notch-less solutions, like pop-up lenses or flipping cameras, there are no mechanically moving parts to worry about here.

All we need now is a phone that actually uses the new camera. All Xiaomi is saying for now is that it’s “currently exploring the possibility.” Although knowing the company’s love for experimental smartphones that push new form factors and technology, hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long.

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