India likely to host any of the two jerseys.

All participating teams in the World Cup, except for the hosts country, are required to provide two different coloured kits.

India are currently sporting a blue kit. Reports further suggest that the new jersey will be orange in colour with the collar sporting a blue strip. However, they will wear orange jerseys for their game against England on June 30.

For televised ICC events all participating teams will be required to provide for two different coloured kits.

Team India will wear an orange jersey for their World Cup 2019 match against England on June 30. India, who are sporting a blue kit for the World Cup, will turn out in a different attire for the game against England.

England, the hosts of World Cup 2019, are also sporting a blue jersey and they have the right to retain their kits.

 Speculation were rife ever about the home-away jersey format at the quadrennial event ever since the ICC came up with a statement, saying it allowed teams to provide two different coloured kits.

India Today can confirm that Virat Kohli’s men will be wearing the orange coloured jerseys against England. The splattering of blue is expected to be the colour of the collar of the said new jersey.

South Africa changed the colour of their shirts from green to yellow for their second World Cup 2019 match against Bangladesh who also wear green kits on June 2. Bangladesh had also unveiled an away kit with a dominant red colour.

India have so far won 3 games against South Africa, Australia and Pakistan while the match against New Zealand was washed out due to rain.

Before taking on England, India will play Afghanistan (June 22) and West Indies (June 27).

Afghanistan might have to change their kits on Saturday as both India and Afghanistan don blue jerseys. According to ICC schedule of World Cup 2019, the upcoming match in Southampton will be treated as a home game for India.

Afghanistan had already announced their away kit which has red dominating the splattering of blue on their shirts.

However Virat Kohli and Co. are yet to see their new jerseys.

“Till last week, the Indian players had not seen their new jerseys,” an executive quoted.

“There is still confusion among various stakeholders whether the team would actually need to don new colours,” he added.

This will be the first time that India may be seen sporting two different jerseys in World Cup after the ICC introduced the concept of home and away ‘jerseys’ for this year’s World Cup.

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