In search of money making an app? Check out Roz Dhan app: A simple way of earning Paytm cash

It was just another day that I was writing a tech article when I got this email about new money making app Roz Dhan whose meaning is Everyday Cash. This is an Indian app which has got over 8 million downloads at the Play Store and is loved by its users.

So to check out how it works, what are its features I personally checked it out and here’s a complete review of it:

This is basically a money making app for those people who casually want to earn without doing anything. There are simple steps which you need to follow to earn money that includes :

  • INVITE FRIENDS: Earn money with this app by inviting your friends through Facebook, messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, SMS. When your friend starts using the app and do tasks you get coins for it.
  • CHECK-IN: With everyday check-in, Roz Dhan gives you free coins.
  • READ: Apart from the money-making app, this app has a broad news section. So, interested readers can install Roz Dhan app and while reading you can earn coins as well. This is a good initiative from the company.
  • PUSH NOTIFICATION: There are quite a few article notification that will be pushed daily which if you check out you get coins for that as well.
  • SHARE: If you are not an ardent reader of articles you can share them to with your friends and earn coins on Roz Dhan.

So, basically, the app provides you with lots of opportunities to actually earn money in the form of coins. In this app 250 coins is equal to 1 rupee, so you need to earn as much coin as you can to reach the withdrawal limit of Rs.200.

When you just install the app you instantly get Rs.25 and when you make a profile and verify it automatically gives you another Rs.25, making it a handsome sum of Rs.50.

Now, having known all the facts and ways to earn money, this app is a good one and this one does not take up much space on your smartphone. So, it can be your next money making an app, but yes you need to have the patience to reach the Rs.200 mark.


  • Simple and unique
  • Smooth UI
  • Great Newsfeed
  • Genuine and safe app


  • Push Notifications can be annoying sometimes but you have the option of disabling it
  • Generates a lot of caches which you need to delete manually

If you are happy with the pros and can overcome with the cons you are welcome to use this app. Use Referral Code: 060BBC


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