To everyone’s anticipation, the new AMD Navi graphics cards have got some serious leaks before the actual launch (to be held at COMPUTEX 2019 OR E3 2019).

A well-known leaker on Twitter, KOMACHI posted a block diagrammatic representation of the Navi chip but it has now been taken down.

Upcoming AMD Radeon Navi GPU Specs Leaked

Although we have got our hands-on the image which suggests 8 Shader engines, each packing 5 Compute Units to make a total of 40.

This indeed suggests us that the new GPUs will feature 2560 streaming processors, as each of the Compute Unit (CU) contains 64.

Upcoming AMD Radeon Navi GPU Specs Leaked

The Shader Engine count is an important aspect here because we know that AMD’s GCN architecture has been able to stuff a maximum of 4 SEs per die.

This limitation caused the maximum number of streaming processors to be 4096 and ROP count limited to 64.

Technically, NVIDIA’s CUDA Cores are more efficient than the AMD’s Streaming Processors because of its limited 64 Render Output Units. So, to counter NVIDIA, the Red Team needs to increase the number of processors.

Upcoming AMD Radeon Navi GPU Specs Leaked

If the specs go as it’s been leaked, then Navi will supposedly have a total of 128 ROPs and 2560 cores, which we will see for the first time along with faster performance measures. 

Also, other specs can be that we can pre-assumed are – 8GB of GDDR6 VRAM paired with a 256-bit bus architecture that results around 400Gb/s of bandwidth.

Well, the date of the launch is approaching as the Keynote of Dr Lisa Su, CEO of AMD, is scheduled at 27th of May 2019 at 10 am Taipei time (GMT+8 hours). Sign up here to watch the live stream.

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