If you are a fan of wearable devices and doesn’t know about Amazfit then there’s some doubt about your interest. Sorry to say.

Amazfit is the wearable device manufacturing department of Huami. Their motto is to manufacturers activity trackers without compromising your style and fashion. For that, they have Arc, Pace, Beep, Moonbeam, Equator, and Verge. Rather than manufacturing these tracking devices, Huami provides wearable Technology for Xiaomi and manufacturers MI band.


The introduction ends here and the body part begins.



This is one of the best and Latest SmartWatch of Amazfit. You will understand the reason after going through the next points.




  • Plenty of different Modes: Verge consists of ELEVEN different Sports modes including running, walking, climbing, cycling, soccer and more. You hardly find a person performs all the jobs regularly, I think. Isn’t it?
  • Route Tracker: You will get GPS+GLONASS Support to track your routes, distance covered and remaining distance.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: You can connect your Android devices via Bluetooth and this connectivity will provide you Call managing facility. That means you can receive or reject calls from your wrist.




  • Notifications Support: Verge can notify you about your emails, text messages, and many other application notifications.
  • Sensors: Dedicated Optical sensor monitors and records your heart rate throughout the day.
  • Battery: Up to FIVE Days long battery life keeps you carefree about it.
  • The last one, which is Additional, Color Variety. Verge is available in Gray, Blue, and White Shade for that you can pick one up according to your test.

From the official website, you can collect Verge spending 159.99 USD.


Next comes Amazfit Stratos. It’s a little bit costlier than Verge. Though most of the features are same as the Verge,  you will definitely get some extra for the extra cost. It’s obvious, right? Let’s have a look at all the features of it.




  • Mode Variations: 12+ different sports modes are available. You can choose any one of them as per your activity category. The variety is more than enough to fulfill the user’s requirement.
  • Notification Handle: Stratos bring all the email notifications, calls, text messages to your wrist.
  • Dedicated Sensors: Calculate your daily steps, burned calories, heartbeats, daily sleeping duration, remaining targets and set a reminder for that. All are possible for the sensors provided in it.
  • GPS: Track and manage your route through GPS.




All the features are all most same as Verge. Here are the additional features.

  • Water Resistance: Stratos resists water up to 50 meters of depth.
  • Storage: 4GB Storage is added to store your data.
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0 + WiFi both are available at a time.

Amazfit Stratos is available at the cost of 179.99 USD. Obviously on their official website.




This is one of the most Ordinary looking Smartwatch by Amazfit with some extraordinary features. Believe me or not, but it’s true.




  • Modes: Pace have almost all the modes as Stratos and Verge, but the Indoor and the outdoor mode variations are additional.
  • Tracker: Pace not only provide you the tracking results of your activity but also give the analysis of the data if you want. Which is really impressive.
  • Connectivity: This is quite obvious to a smartwatch. Through the wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity, you can operate your smartphone i.e. can take calls, listen to music and many more.




  • GPS: Global Positioning System is to track your route, covered distances and make an analysis on it.
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM 1.2 GHz processors for quicker processing and 4GB Internal storage for data storing.
  • And the most attracting part, that’s looks. This is only available smartwatch with very attractive Red Color of Amazfit products.

The Pace is available at only 129.99 USD officially.


Verge, Stratos, and Pace are the most favorite of us. Rather than this three, you can also pick among Cor, Equator, Moonbeam, ARC, and Bip as per your support.

Technology is upgrading day by day rapidly. Every daily used object just like wristwatches is changing very quickly. And Amazfit is contributing hugely in it. Hope Amazfit will upgrade more in future and we will get many more smart products.


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