Google originally started as a search engine and with years it has excelled a lot and has made lot of technological advancements.

Not only they have introduced Android, but also a variety of online products and new platforms. Google has made lot of their own products including smart home devices, smartphones, tablets and others.

Now, it seems Google is taking a further move for a better future. Google has always stayed in the core of the technology and operated via its own softwares.

Google to make its own chips, that too in India?

The thing that Google has missed ever since it has made its own products is that they rely on third party manufacturers to make its own products. This turned out to be one of the main disadvantage of the company.

As we all know processors, network chips and other vital microchips lays the foundation for any modern day device. So, building them by own cuts down the cost a lot, but that requires lot of investment.

So, Google now seems to be making a move by developing their own chips for its own range of products. According to Reuters, Google has hired more than a dozen microchip engineers in Bengaluru in recent months.

Google to make its own chips, that too in India?

Since 2014, Google has only designed computer server chips for its own data centers and image processing chips for its own range of Pixel smartphones.

Now, if Google excels to make powerful and efficient chips like those coming from Intel or AMD, that will actually help them to make better products and cut down the price of their own products.

It’s competitors like Inc, Microsoft Corp, Apple Inc and Facebook Inc each have launched similar chip design efforts that will in turn help them to make fascinating and better products for their consumers.

Google to make its own chips, that too in India?

Here in Bengaluru, Google has hired a minimum of 16 engineering veterans and 4 talent recruiters to form its own “gChips” team from traditional chipmakers including Intel, Qualcomm Inc, Broadcom Inc and Nvidia Corp, according to a review of LinkedIn profiles.

Rajat Bhargava who describes himself on LinkedIn as Google’s “silicon site lead” in Bengaluru, says he joined last May after a decade at Broadcom and a year at Intel.

Google can likely grow its manufacturing team to 80 people by year’s end. Their existing chip manufacturing team in Silicon Valley will likely to fine-tune and test design ideas before shipping final ones off to manufacturers.

Google to make its own chips, that too in India?

The company has even posted 13 job postings for roles related to chips in Bengaluru, according to a recent check of the company’s careers website.

Well, this thing was quite expected, but the bigger thing is that the chip designing of the so called gChips have started out in India. While other tech giants like Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook has hired staff in other countries, Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai has laid the roots in the Indian soil.

Google to make its own chips, that too in India?

India has a lot of potential, from brain to the growing economy. Also, the fact remains that there are a lot of Android users in India than in other developed countries. Even Apple is reportedly thinking of making moves to establish its manufacturing unit in India.

So, getting passionate feedback, making new technological advancements in such an aspiring country will prove to be lot more beneficial in the upcoming future.

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