Android is the most common name you ever heard in the field of the mobile OS. Insect nowadays Android users are rapidly increasing in the comparison of iOS. Through the entire journey, it gets updated several times.

In the case of naming Android follows the alphabetical order, hope you noticed. The last version is Android Pie. As per the sequence, the next update should predict starting from ‘q’. The full name is not declared yet.

As mentioned earlier the uses of Android is increasing rapidly day by day. Though the reason is of its new application fields, its continuous upgrading and improving nature takes a little percentage too. After all, a small thing can bring a job change, right?

In update 10.0, the world may get some cool features used never before in android. Let’s discuss with detailing.


The Dark Theme:

Most of our regularly used apps just like YouTube have there inbuilt dark mode. Sometimes it looks pretty well. But for the entire smartphone dark theme, we used to use many launchers. But this may become history after launching 10.0 update.

Through this feature, you can enjoy dark beauty everywhere on your phone. Your eyes may get protected from the brightness sometime and can save battery life as well.

You will find the Dark Mode Activation box inside the Display option of Settings.


Desktop Mode:

You will find a new option called desktop mode. Basically, you can add an external display by availing this feature, though this feature is in the experimental stage.




Permissions Management:

The security system in the Android Q is going to be harder. They reconstructed the permission section more user-friendly and more accessible.

Now you can access all the permissions for different apps. You are thinking what’s new, right? In this version, you can actually manage the time duration. You can set when an app can access which permission and when not.


Development Option:

There are some new noticeable features added to the developer options. Two of them are Force Desktop Mode and Game Update Package Preferences. Both of these options’ features are not clear yet.

In the game update package preferences, you find an option to select a graphics Driver.





‘Time to take action’ and ‘Time to read’ are the new addition in the accessibility option. Through the first one, you can set “how long to show messages that ask you to take action, but only visible temporarily.” And through the second one, you can set “how much time you want to read and take action on messages that automatically go away.”


Lastly, all the information mentioned is only leaks and remorse. Android has not officially announced anything yet. We can expect that the maximum of these features will come to us and make your experience better.


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