Suarez said that Messi is incredibly relaxed on the pitch and is also the fastest player he has ever played with.

Lionel Messi has scored 681 goals in 801 matches as a professional and won five Ballon d’Or titles. No one has won more Ballon d’Or than Messi.
We all are very lucky to witness the magician doing his job on a weekly basis almost. Messi’s teammates are even more luckier to witness him from the pitch. Barcelona have many stars but none at the level of Lionel Messi.

Luis suarez, one of the world’s best striker, also hasn’t fall short of hailing the magician as the best.
Despite endless statistics that suggest Messi is the greatest of all time, his Barcelona team-mate Luis Suarez has given some reasons that help him be the best.

Messi and Suarez

Suarez told one thing about Messi that helped him in Barcelona : “I think it’s helped me to see how relaxed he is in matches.
Sometimes I thought that you need to be focused the day before, or a few hours before the match. That’s what happened with me at Liverpool, with the national team and all of my previous clubs.
And I think to see the atmosphere here, to see everyone focused, knowing what they have to do, but in a more relaxed environment has helped me.”

Suarez believes that Messi’s speed has helped his game, and when asked if he had played with anyone faster than Messi he replied with a firm: “No.”

Messi and Suarez

Suarez also told about how they have become friends : “We don’t only talk about football. We talk about the past, the future. We’re humans that, aside from being teammates, we’re good friends who have a lot in common.
Not only that but sometimes our wives are doing things we’re left alone. In my house or his drinking mate. We can be sat talking for two or three hours. But I always say this: a lot of people see him as Messi but for me, he’s simply Leo.”

When he was asked whether Messi will watch Barcelona matches in his spare time as a way to critique a performance, he told: “No, but we talk about a lot of situations in matches.
The good as much as the bad because we’re both self-criticial. There are days when the team wins and I feel frustrated because I didn’t perform well. And Leo knows I’m in an argumentative mood. The same way I know when he’s angry because he didn’t have a good performance.”

Messi, Neymar and Suarez

Suarez also commented on whether he thinks Neymar would return to Barca at some point : “In football, I always say that you never know what could happen. Right now he’s enjoying life in Paris a lot. His objectives are clear. But obviously, as a teammate, friend or a fan of football you want the best at your side. But this is hypothetical and you never know.”

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