As we all know, World’s biggest technology serving platform CES 2019 is running. It starts the second day with LG. After long discussions on AI, Gaming, Qualcomm technologies, and some other words Samsung comes with their “groundbreaking innovations”.

Vegas saw how Samsung ‘s innovations applying AI, IoT, and other technologies.

Samsung Presentations__

  • Display Technology with AI
  • Gaming Monitor
  • Samsung Bot
  • GEMS
  • Magic of Bixby
  • C-V2X


>> Display Technology with AI

Among all Display technologies presented in CES-19, the huge one is 219-inch 6K Mirror LED Display, called The Wall. It contains a new user interface and Samsung’s first AI-powered picture-processing engine Quantum Processor 8K chip.

Users can experience a great picture quality never seen before with Samsung’s this QLED TV.




>> Gaming Monitor

Only true gamers can understand how the response time matters to get the thrill of a game. Not exactly only gamers, there are more like Samsung. Otherwise, they would not bring their new World’s first Dual QHD ultra-wide 49-inch CRG9 Gaming Monitor.

It includes HDR10 support, a brightness of 1000 nits, a refresh rate of 120Hz, and 5120 x 1440 resolution.


>> Samsung Bot

Samsung presents there three types of bots called ‘Samsung Bot’ for three different types of fields.

First comes Samsung Bot Care. This is a Healthcare-specialised robot with the ability to check blood pressure, sleeping rate etc even can remind your medicines.

Secondly Samsung Bot Retail. It handles ordering and payments to make your job easy.

The last one is Samsung Bot Air. Its sensors are able to detect the source of pollutions and can purify the air of the room.



Gait Enhancing and Motivating System, GEMS in short guides people to walk. It helps to be strengthened and to improve balance.


>> Magic of Bixby

Bixby is Samsung’s Voice Assistant just like Google’s Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa etc. Samsung’s vision is enabling Bixby to all their household machines. This idea allows people to manage the entire home systematically and keep them away from certain unnecessary headaches.


>> Cellular-Vehicle to Everything [C-V2X]

In this CES 2019, Samsung shows us how IoT devices at home can be controlled for your car. Not only this, their new technology serves comfort by giving the customizing opportunity of temperature for each of the passengers, and safety by giving a front-facing camera and a driver-monitor system.


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