At the CES 2019, AMD finally announces its new 7nm based Radeon VII GPU priced at $699 and will be available from February 7th

So, now its official that AMD is launching first of its consumer-level gaming GPU based on 7nm architecture. Instead of launching their bunch of products as leaked earlier, they introduced only the Radeon VII Gaming GPU.

The Radeon VII is based on ‘Vega 2‘ architecture not on the leaked ‘Navi’ architecture. This means Vega 2 is just a prototype of what more we can expect from AMD’s 7nm products in future.

AMD Radeon™ VII: World’s First 7nm Gaming GPU

AMD Radeon™ VII graphics brings maximum performance for hardcore enthusiast gamers, delivering incredible, ultra-smooth gaming experiences at consistently high FPS, in 1440p, ultrawide and 4K resolutions. Dominate your games and shatter records with the world’s first 7nm gaming GPU, future-ready and built to meet the demands of high-performance gameplay.

Dr Lisa Su, CEO of AMD, took the stage and explained the how important the graphics cards are to the gamers. So, to expand its portfolio they have launched the Radeon VII which seems to be the direct successor to the Vega 64.

Now, one thing is sure that this card won’t have any Ray Tracing, as they focussing much more on ‘smooth gameplay’, at the highest settings both at 4K. The card has been priced at $699 and shipping of the card will start from 7th of February.

The Radeon VII delivers higher gaming performance than even the AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 graphics card.

AMD launches world's 1st 7nm GPU - Radeon VII

It has been equipped with:

  • 60 compute units
  • 3840 stream processors
  • running at up to 1.8GHz
  • 16GB of ultra-fast HBM2 memory (second-generation High-Bandwidth Memory)
  • 1 TB/s memory bandwidth
  • 4,096-bit memory interface

The Radeon VII graphics card enables high-performance gaming and ultra-high quality visuals. The high memory interface paves the way for ultra-high resolution textures, hyper-realistic settings and life-like characters.

AMD launches world's 1st 7nm GPU - Radeon VII

Real-time 3D and compute applications

The Radeon VII graphics card delivers the performance required for demanding 3D rendering and video editing applications, and next-generation compute workloads. 

If the Radeon VII graphics card is compared with AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 graphics card it provides:

  • up to 27 per cent higher performance in the popular open source 3D creation application Blender,
  • up to 27 per cent higher performance in the professional video editing, colour correction and visual effects application DaVinci Resolve 15
  • up to 62 per cent higher performance in the OpenCL™ LuxMark compute benchmark
AMD launches world's 1st 7nm GPU - Radeon VII

Extreme gaming performance

The AMD Radeon VII graphics card delivers exceptional performance in DirectX® 12- and Vulkan®-based games:

  • up to 35 per cent higher performance in Battlefield™ V
  • up to 42 per cent higher performance in Strange Brigade®
  • up to 25 per cent higher performance in the widely popular esports title, Fortnite®

Comparison on basis Radeon VII against AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 graphics card.

AMD launches world's 1st 7nm GPU - Radeon VII

Smooth gaming with Radeon FreeSync

With the high speeds of today’s graphics cards, framerates often exceed the monitor refresh rate, causing stuttering and tearing.

With AMD Radeon FreeSync technology, the popular, standards-based adaptive sync technology supported by more than 550 gaming monitors, gamers can experience smooth gameplay at every level.

In addition, AMD Radeon FreeSync™ 2 HDR technology offers more than 2X better brightness and color volume compared to sRGB.

AMD launches world's 1st 7nm GPU - Radeon VII

The new AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition

AMD Radeon Software features Day-0 game driver support and up-to-the-minute game optimizations for performance enhancements.

  • Gamers can effortlessly capture, stream and share their memorable moments and clutch victories with Radeon™ ReLive,
  • monitor performance and PC system info, and socialize with the AMD Link application,
  • fine-tune a range of settings to fit their needs with Radeon™ WattMan technology.

New Launch offer

With AMD’s ‘Raise the Game Fully Loaded’ bundle, AMD will offer gamers complimentary PC versions of the highly anticipated Resident Evil™ 2, Devil May Cry™ 5 and Tom Clancy’s The Division® 2 with the purchase of an eligible AMD Radeon™ VII graphics card or Radeon™ VII powered PC, as well as with the purchase of other eligible Radeon™ graphics cards and Radeon™ powered PCs. 

AMD launches world's 1st 7nm GPU - Radeon VII
The new AMD Radeon VII graphics card Sample

Well, honestly this is an interesting card, a graphics card that directly competes with RTX 2080 at about half of its price which is incredible. If this card gives 60+ FPS at 4K for popular triple A titles, then it will be worth buying.

For productivity and content creation this card plays a vital role even at $699, and a 20-30 per cent better performance than Vega 64 which makes this card quiet a “Flagship Killer”.

Well, I hope by May we get to see more graphics cards by AMD at Computex or at IFA, and yes the NAVI graphics cards well. Not much is said about them, but we can expect new 7nm products raining through 2019 and 2020.

What do you think? Would buy the new Radeon VII? Tell us in the comments below… 🙂

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