Consumer Electronics Show is a platform for all the next generation innovations and technologies which is provided by the Consumer Technology Association.

This year Las Vegas is the witness of it.

Along with NVIDIA, Intel and some other reputed brands LG also bring to us some heavyweight upcoming technologies. Without wasting time…let’s get started.


  • 4K Laser Projector
  • Speakers 2019
  • Sound Bars 2019
  • TV Sets


>> 4K Laser Projector

As our previous conventions or experiences, the word Projector brings thots of a large white screen, the Projector hardware, and a place in some distance from the screen to place the hardware. The first two things can’t change, at least till now. But the last part is going to be changed.

LG announced a second generation Laser Projector which can be placed in just 2-inch distance from the wall and that will be enough for it. Rather than 4K image quality, it comes with Voice Control and AI facilities.


>> Speakers 2019

This South Korean Company gifts us a new range Speakers called XBoom in 2019. This XBoom range Speaker is designed to make them semi portable and can be put along or against the gravity. With the music lights are there to join you.


>> Sound Bars 2019

In the case of audio LG was not satisfied with the announcement of the XBoom Speaker Range. They added three new Sound Bars with it. All of them supports Dolby Atoms and have Google Assistant. That means you will get a better experience and sound quality and can control through voice.


Now, the Main Attraction and Major announcement


>> TV Sets

LG’s best announcement of CES 2019 is there new OLED TV R. This is First ever television with Rollable Screen. Yes, you read right. A Rollable Screen. This is not all…it has a sound bar attached.




When you need it, the screen comes out and returns back when over. You can also bring half of the screen out while listening to music.




Next comes 88 inches huge 8K OLED TV which contains LG’s new a9 2nd Generation Processors, Google Assistant, and AI Support. Besides there 65-inch 4K TV will come with World’s first Motion Picture Response Time of 3.5ms.




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