At the CES 2019 finally Intel shows off its 10nm Ice Lake processors instead of the repeatedly delayed Cannon Lake 10nm platform CPUs.

This will now be the widely available series of 10nm CPUs from Intel. The new Ice Lake CPUs will use the Sunny Cove core microarchitecture and a new Gen11 integrated GPU, announced both at the Architecture Day last month.

Intel shows off new 10nm Ice Lake CPUs at CES 2019

The Gen11 GPU will even support adaptive sync and will deliver 1 Tera Flop of GPU horsepower. Intel is now building in supports for Thunderbolt 3, Wi-Fi 6, and Deep Learning Boost into these Ice Lake chips for better futuristic performance both for laptops and PCs.

Intel is also promising that PC makers will be able to make PCs with Ice Lake processors that will be available on shelves by the end of 2019.
At the CES keynote, Intel even demonstrated ODM systems from Pegatron and Wistron.

Intel shows off new 10nm Ice Lake CPUs at CES 2019

Dell also joined Intel on stage to readily show off an Ice Lake-powered XPS laptop that said to be available later by this year. Ice Lake chips will also introduce new instruction sets to accelerate AI and machine learning

Intel is also aiming for future as well, the chip giant is planning to use the Foveros 3D chip stacking technology to build future chips.

Intel shows off new 10nm Ice Lake CPUs at CES 2019
The Foveros 3D chip Stacking Technology

In this method, Intel’s chip designers will be able to stack extra processing power on top of an already-assembled chip die. Now, these chiplets can be stacked one on top of another to form a processor that even includes graphics, AI processing, and much more.

Well, Ice Lake seems promising and finally something “genuinely positive approach” from Intel finally after years of fake promises. Ice Lake CPUs are expected to ship in volume in time for the 2019 holiday shopping season, so availability starts from Q3 of 2019.

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