Technologies for Woman’s Safety

In our modern days, safety becomes a highly demandable but most ignorable issue. Especially for women. The well-known countries such as Syria, Somalia, India, Afghanistan are also known for violence on women. So many steps are already taken, but situations are not under control. For that, many kinds of technologies came to the market which is handy, quick and a needy woman can easily use it. We listed in some of those safety tools which are gifts of Modern Technology.

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>> SipChip


SipChip is a most uncommon but highly effective technology to detect silently added drugs or some that kind of chemicals in food or drinks.

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In many cases, defective minded persons trap women by having them drugged food or drink. If the opposite one has any kind of dought or feels something wrong she can check with this SipChip. It simply indicates user if the food is added with drugs or not.

To apply SipChip user first have to remove the cover of it, take a drop of the suspected food in a finger and drop to the SipChip. If it indicates Single Line [ – ] that means it detects something harmful and if it shows Double line [ = ] that means the food is totally safe.

Size of SipChip is just like a coin so that needy one can use it in disguise.



>> Sonata ACT


Sonata combines Safety and style. Their Safety watch called Sonata ACT comes in different models that a lady can choose as per her choice.

Sonata ACT is the first safety watch in India. A user needs to follow only four easy steps to take its service.

Firstly user has to download the app of it, pair this watch with the smartphone via Bluetooth, keep phone’s GPS on and add contacts of a maximum of ten Guardians. And the last, the most important one press the Safety Key at the 8th Position consecutively if feel any danger or get panicked.




>> Safer Smart Pendant


The Policy of Safer Smart Pendant is similar to the Titan ACT. Only the Watch becomes Pendant here.

There is a button behind the pendant. In emergency situations the user can send an alert about her condition, locate herself to the trustable persons whose contacts will be saved previously by only clicking a single button.


Safer Smart


>> Safety Torch with Shock Effect


This Safety Torch is a tremendous tool. It basically looks like an ordinary rechargeable Torch. All the above words about it are true, the only thing is it is not ordinary.

It includes a powerful LED Light, inbuilt battery backup and the main feature capability of giving Shock to make attacker injured for a while.

Proper use of this torch can prevent maximum of violence over women.


Safety Torch with Shock


>> Pepper Spray Pistol


Pepper Spray is the most common weapon across the period. The Gun shape is only an approach to make its use easier.


Pepper Spray


>> bSafe


bSafe is an App having the protocol of Titan ACT and Safer. In this case no need for other hardware devices. A smartphone, bSafe app properly installed and configured. That’s all. Protection protocol is ready for service.


There are some more Safety tools available like the above. Most of them are just like Sonata ACT, Safer Smart Pendant or bSafe app. Their protocols are same.

We hope more technologies will come in this field and successfully do its job to make A Better Violence-Free World for us. in the future.

Stay Safe + Stay Updated

Anupam Modak
A CS Engineer and Tech Enthusiast who likes to fiddle with the latest gadgets and tech happenings around the world.

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