IIT Madras to host the SportsTech Summit from 3rd January 2019

Today, technological developments have completely changed how we play, watch, and think about sport. The viewing experience, for example, has been enhanced by camera technology that gives audiences better access to point-of-view footage throughout the game.

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Tools such as the cameras worn by cricketers in their helmets and those in goal posts give audiences a much better view of the field. Athletes are able to tune their performance to a greater degree than ever before, thanks to the data being collected as they train or compete.

Sporting events are no longer passive.  Sports fans now expect an active connection with the teams and players, and new technology is serving this cause making sports an immersive and interactive spectator journey. Audiences now have greater access to analysis, statistics and a living room experience that often betters the live atmosphere of the game.

But this is just the start. The 2020 Tokyo Olympics plan to provide a grand platform for the introduction of new innovations in Sports Technology.  Some of the plans for the 2020 games include a Robot Village: where a small army of Robots will serve all international visitors.

IIT Madras to host the SportsTech Summit from 3rd January 2019

Intel’s True VR platform will light up the sky above the stadium with its Shooting Star Drones, which can create 3D images as an alternative to traditional fireworks. Innovations such as these are a signal as to where Sports Technology is going, its prominence in our lives, and its capabilities in sporting events such as the Asian Games and the Olympics.

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In short, sports has fully embraced the digital age, and it can only make the experience better with technology reaching new peaks every year.

IIT Madras to host the SportsTech Summit from 3rd January 2019

Noticing this phenomenon, Shaastra, the technical festival of IIT Madras, was determined to promote this growing trend. As a consequence, Shaastra and Global Sports Commerce present the SportsTech Summit 2019 from 3rd to 6th January 2019. With tracks such as Tech in Action, Analytics: the Numbers Game and Brands, Fans and Leagues, the Summit aims to cover all the aspects of Sports Technology.

The Summit will include lectures on several topics from eminent personalities from the field of SportsTech, a panel discussion on ‘Building the Next Great Sports League’, and demonstrations and workshops by partners such as Star Sports and Sportz Interactive.

IIT Madras to host the SportsTech Summit from 3rd January 2019

Furthermore, to help the participants get a better insight into the real-life problem statements of Sports Technology, the Summit Team organized a Hackathon in collaboration with GSC.

The winners of the hackathon will receive prize money and mentorship from the experts in the field of Sports Technology and get a chance to pitch their solution during the Summit. Altogether, the Summit serves to be a holistic experience for all those interested in the field.

Registrations and more at https://summit.shaastra.org/.


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