The speculated PUBG Snow map codenamed “Vikendi” gets fully revealed… Meet the snow-covered island with a Space research facility, Russian style houses, Factories, Churches, Monastery, wide roads…

It’s been months since the Sanhok has been released and as the winter is approaching, PUBG corporation knows how to keep its users engaged. With new Season updates, new rifles, new vehicles and with an insane level of optimizations for the PUBG mobile version, the year 2018 has been totally captured by this game,

So to keeps things going smoothly, without further a delay PUBG corporation is going to launch their new PUBG Snow map codenamed “Vikendi” this month.

New PUBG Snow map codenamed "Vikendi" fully revealed
(Image Credit: WackyJacky101)

Prior to the actual launch, the 3D model of the map has been already leaked and the images and videos of that have been floating throughout the internet. This 3D model lacks the intense graphics, for which PUBG is popular. But, it gives the total concept of the map, what it will offer and what will be the new things particularly.

We have referenced some of the YouTube videos, which have shown us the total overview of it. At the end of the post, the links will be given to you as well. So, let’s quickly dig into the details of the new PUBG Snow Map or “Vikendi”:

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The Snow covered paradise

The map seems to be mostly covered with snow and the South of the map seems to occupied with coniferous forests that give the feel of cold countries of Canada, Russia and others. The intense level of detailing makes this map much more accurate and life-like.

‘Vikendi’ map is bigger than Sanhok yet smaller than Erangel and is a 6*6 map.

This map is quite like a mixture of typical games like Counter-Strike, Battlefield, Call of Duty. Truly, it is much more unique and with proper detailing, fighting on this map will be much more interesting.

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The Houses

At one glance of the map, what you may feel like this place to be some kind of story or sort of movie. The houses seem typically covered with snow and they are not too tall, giving the feeling of some cold countries like Russia.

Close combats will be much more intensive and challenging than before. You get small hut-like houses, some typical houses without a roof as you see in snowy countries. Looting them and fighting to survive will be much more life-like in Vikendi.

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A snowy country is to often seen with some stunning looking church, and so this map also features a lot of church, each having different look than others.

Some of them are giant ones, while some are small ones, more prevalent in small cities all throughout the map. It is notable to mention that some of the houses and churches are embedded with some special Christmas skin on the top to make it look fancier.

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Space Research Centre

The mostly speculated Space Research Centre finds its way on the map and is not quite huge but consumes a small bit of area, making it a delightful place for gamers to lot.

The structures are life-like and the Rocket emission place present in the Centre is not a thing that you can drive but you can hide beneath it to take a fight with your enemies.

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To give some ethnicity and add to the beauty of the map we see a historical monastery that is quite huge and adds to the beauty of this map. It has been designed precisely and the acute looks of it make it much more realistic.

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Drenched in the snow, the factories in the map seems to old and deserted ones, makes it a perfect place for combats. If you played games like Battlefield, Counter-Strike, then you may find a lot of similarity in the design perspective.

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Nature and the ambience

Not to forget, the nature of this whole map typically gives you the feeling that you are in some snowy world. Alpines, shrubs all around the map accompanied with frozen rivers, makes it much more life-like and the pleasant environment will make you fall in love with it.

New PUBG Snow map codenamed "Vikendi" fully revealed
Nature and the ambience(Image Credit: WackyJacky101)

The whole island is well covered with rivers and the coasts suggest that you may travel and explore it more using boats as well. The bridges of the map are not quite big, mostly made of stone as you generally notice in some snowy countries.

Watch this video for a better overview and understanding of the map:

Overall the 3D model gives a rough idea of the total ‘Vikendi’ map, and when extra graphics gets added to it, you will truly enjoy fighting in this beautiful snowy paradise. From the initials, we expect this map to be a game-changing one from PUBG and truly with this insane level of detail, it will be a delightful treat for gamers.

By this month we hope PUBG PC will get this map update followed by the Mobile update in the coming months. It will also be interesting, what new items including rifles, vehicles and others are getting introduced in this coming PUBG Snow map codenamed ‘Vikendi’.

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