WhatsApp is one of our most popular messaging apps right now. It develops the features and brings some new one in a regular manner to maintains its position. This is the best property of it after all. 🙃

To make our chatting experience a little bit better, WhatsApp brings us a lot of surprises. Some of the new features are already available in the public version, others are in beta. These features lift WhatsApp up some steps more towards popularity.

Let’s have a look at all the attractive features 🏁

⭐ Stickers

Instead of small emojis now you can sen big more attractive stickers to express your mind. You find the sticker option just beside of the Emoji and GIF option.  The most interesting thing is you can download more and more stickers from the play store as much you want.


⭐ Swipe to Reply

To give a reply to a particular message or to a particular someone in a group now you need not to follow the long process (long press the text to select and tap on the reply menu in the topmost bar). Just swipe the text and that’s it.


⭐ Private Reply

Using this one you can able to reply to some of your group members’ particular text privately.


⭐ Live Group Video Calling

One to one video calling in WhatsApp is going to be history. Now time for Group Video Calling. In some days you can make video calls to three other peoples at a time.


There is some news in the air that night mode, privacy security like features may come in future. For that, just we have to wait.


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