AMD announces new 7nm EPYC Rome processors based on Zen 2 architecture as well the new 7nm MI60 GPUs based on “Vega-20” Radeon GPU architecture in its Next Horizon Event

After a long wait, finally, AMD has revealed its new EPYC Rome processors yesterday. At AMD’s Next Horizon Event, they have announced world’s first 7nm chipset that’s particularly designed for server platforms.

The Zen 2 micro-architecture has been very special to the company as because the EPYC processors have got a huge jump, directly from 14 nm Naples to the 7nm Rome. Also, this Rome architecture is very significant to connect the bridge between the Naples to the future Milan EPYC processors which are based on the “Zen 3 architecture”.

All you need to know about AMD's Next Horizon Event

Interestingly, it’s for the first time the new server processors will out beat the Xeon dominated server end microprocessors. At the same event, AMD showcased their new 7nm Vega-20 Radeon GPUs that will be first installed in the Radeon Instinct MI60 GPU accelerators.

This event is clearly a “Next Horizon” for AMD, as because AMD from now on can alone compete both the giants Intel and NVIDIA with their own CPUs and GPUs.

All you need to know about AMD's Next Horizon Event

AMD CEO DR. Lisu Su presented the keynote at the event. She stressed on AMD’s focus on data centres, cloud computing and server end processors and GPUs. She discussed many of the key roles that these processors will be used for, such as workloads in HPC, cloud, hyperscale, and virtualization environments.

AMD looks forward to the data centre industry as a $29 billion opportunity by 2021. GPUs will be playing a larger role as the industry shifts to artificial intelligence and machine learning workloads.

All you need to know about AMD's Next Horizon Event

It’s needless to say that AMD has got a great market share as the leading cloud computing service Amazon AWS shifts on to AMD’s server end EPYC processors.

We will be covering all the major announcements, architecture and business regarding AMD’s new CPUs and GPUs in our coming posts.

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