In our day-to-day busy life schedule, Entertainment is a major thing we required. The ways to be entertained varies man to man and generation to generation.

A huge percentage of young generation prefer gaming to be entertain. Some of them want to convert this into their profession as well.

Sometimes the gaming platform becomes a wall between gamers and the game.

Microsoft worried about it. As a result, they declared Project xCloud. A mission to make console games streamable for every platform.

👉 How they made this possible? 👈

To make their dream come true, firstly they build the hardware section. They have enabled compatibility with the existing and future Xbox games by building out custom hardware for their data centers that take our years of console and platform experience to another level.

They have architected a new customizable blade that can host component parts of multiple Xbox One consoles along with supporting associativity.

They will scale those custom blades in data centers across Azure regions soon.

They also build a new touch input overlay that helps gamers to play the Xbox games on touchscreen devices.

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👉 How to play? 👈

Microsoft members connected with this project already test this. They will make the test publically in the next year.

To test the essence of this project user have to connect their device with the via Bluetooth with the Xbox.

Microsoft informed that their researchers are working on the networking part aiming to stream the games on the 4G network as well as on the 5G.

So, Xbox Gamers…Tie your belt ✌️

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