In our daily busy life, you hardly get a person not to require to charge up. To charge people up music therapy is the best one, no doubt.

Working persons who are music lover as well generally listen to music during the travel period and in maximum cases the uses headphones which can make irritating situations sometimes. Besides this habit is harmful to your health as it affects your hearing ability.

The solution is portable speakers. Portable in the sense you can carry that in your pocket or in your hand without compromising anything.

Mi makes easy this for you. They bring Compact Bluetooth Speaker 2.

Mi Compact Bluetooth Speaker

As per its name, this 2nd generation gadget is compact with all the features you required related to listening to music. Let’s unpack the compact features.

~ Don’t go over its small size. As it is small in size and handy, it doesn’t mean it’s not powerful. It has much power in the comparison to its size.

~ It’s Clear & natural sound makes this product more demandable. Super strong neodymium magnets are the backbone of this feature.

~ Compact Bluetooth Speaker 2 can be your energy drink up to 6 hours long without any interruption at 80% of volume. 2.7V 480 mAh battery made this possible. To charge this again a micro USB port is allocated.

~ Not only the internal mechanism, but its outside case is also scientifically designed to enhance your experience with it.

~ In this progressive era everything we need, have to be fast. Why not speakers? 4.2 Bluetooth technology helps you to connect it with your devices easily as well as fast.

Mi Compact Bluetooth Speaker

*Bonus Features*

~ Mi’s this music partner allows hands-free calling. You can easily receive your calls or discard as per your need.

Price >> INR 799 [ Included 11% discount ]

To buy click HERE

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