Have you purchased a new iPhone XS or an iPhone XS Max? Is your phone charging while its sleep? Then you are saved because many users cannot even charge the world’s current best smartphone – the iPhone XS

Apple recently announced the iPhone XS and XS Max, which are already been used by many of the enthusiasts. Consumers have started buying the new iPhones as hot cakes, because of their bold new look and obviously due to enhanced performance and other feature upgrades.

But consumers are facing nightmares after investing more than $1000 on their new iPhones. Want to know more? Read our full post:


The new iPhone XS has some serious problems
An image from Unbox Therapy’s video


Charging Problems

Well, the issue with the world’s current best smartphone is that – the new iPhone XS and XS Max both seem to be dumb while charging it via lightning cable(the one provided by Apple). It is claimed by hundreds and thousands of people via different Forums, Reddit and other social media that –


when they are plugging in the cable while the smartphone is in the locked state, the iPhone seems to be dumb and is not charging at all until you just unlock it


Isn’t this sound strange? An iPhone seems to be dumb while it’s getting charged via its cable. Its impossible for a man to put his iPhone in charging state and keep staring at it so that it gets charged properly…


The new iPhone XS has some serious problems
All the iPhones brought to test by Unbox Therapy


What the Unbox Therapy has to say?

Many people complained this and only a few believed and brought this problem to the limelight. But famous YouTuber and the creator of Unbox Therapy aka Lewis Hilsenteger pointed out yesterday the truth in his video.

He reportedly was using the wireless charging to charge his new iPhones, so he did not notice any flaw until he started using the lightning cable. The default wall charger that comes with the iPhone out-of-the-box was not the only charger that was unable to charge the iPhone but also any charger could not even charge it up.


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Lewis bought 8 iPhones including the different variants of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. In his video, we can see only 2 of them charged when the smartphone was in a locked state. That’s ridiculous!! Others could only charge itself if and only if the smartphone screen was awake.

Five of the reaming 6 iPhones(two iPhone XS & three iPhones XS Max) charged up with the wall charger only if the screen remained awake. One of the iPhone XS models would not even charge at any circumstances with any charging cable.


The new iPhone XS has some serious problems
Only 2 iPhones started charging right away


Even one iPhone XS Max was not detecting any switches when it was plugged in with the charger! It eventually afterwards was not charging at all!!!

Some users have found that flipping the Lightning cable over can help (that suggests a hardware flaw in the Lightning port).


The new iPhone XS has some serious problems
The one that would not even charge at any cost


When you are spending $1000 and more, you expect a premium smartphone and as this is an iPhone, you expect a good product from the Trillion dollar company.

Any other issue could just be digested, but the primary charging issue is a damn bigger one. Even a $100 smartphone won’t just give such a nasty trouble.

The new iPhone XS has some serious problems
Some iPhones need to be awake to get charged


Any solutions?

Now, with more and more customer feedbacks, Apple seems to be silent, even, no one from Apple answered to the problems of the customers who have questioned them in the forums.

But one poster from Apple support communities reports that Apple’s tech team is aware of the issue. They also suggest that this could be a major hardware problem that can likely be solved by replacing the device. Also, it might the new iOS 12 that might cause this fatal problem.


The new iPhone XS has some serious problems
Spending 1000s of dollars to face this nasty issue seems disgusting for Apple users


For now, you do not have any other option except wireless charging. Because people are saying that even after the phones getting replaced, people are facing the same old stupid problem.

Too much wireless charging can also degrade your iPhone’s battery health. And as Apple has been charging higher prices for iPhone XS and XS Max replacement batteries, so you can’t do that much often.


The new iPhone XS has some serious problems
No words have been disclosed by Apple officials still now


So, now currently its advised to you to not to buy any of the iPhone XS or XS Max until and unless this issue gets solved. Also, a solution to this major issue requires a lot of time. And even, who knows that later the colourful iPhone XR might also face similar problems.

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