Microsoft’s brings a ton of changes and new features to Office 2019… Want to know all of them? Let’s discuss everything about the new Microsoft Office 2019

Microsoft has seen a huge success after the launch of Windows 10. The Windows 10 has revolutionized the way how flexible an OS can be, and with regular updates and patches, it still remains as the widely used OS currently in the world.

Well, at this Ignite summit in Florida, Microsoft announced a lot of their new upcoming upgrades. Among all of them, the announcement of Office 2019 seems pretty spectacular and important as well.

The tech giant Microsoft has brought a lot of changes to the new Office 2019 that seems to be the predecessor of the 3 years old Office 2016. After a long wait, finally, users will get a new taste of the most widely used enterprise product.

The latest version of Office 2019 includes updates for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Project, Visio, Access, and Publisher as well. The updated Office is now available for business and in coming weeks the individual version will also release.

Let’s check out the new features in the products of Office 2019:



Word 2019

The Microsoft Word 2019 looks quite alike as its predecessors and borrows much of its functionality as earlier. On the other hand, the Mac version of Word 19 will feature the new Focus Mode. This feature will help users focus on their work and get done with it without any distractions.

A handy new dark theme has been added to Word 2019, along with better inking functionalities.


Microsoft Office 2019: Here's all that you need to Know


PowerPoint 2019

As PowerPoint remains the most used presentation making software in the world, so a great update to it its much more important to Microsoft. As we all know many YouTube content creators use PowerPoint for making videos, Microsoft has included a bunch of new updates in PowerPoint 2019 that will allow users to create cinematic presentations.

New features like Morph and Zoom helps you create a more sophisticated and dynamic presentation. The PowerPoint 2019 first time includes the option for 4K video export, and the ability to insert content like 3D models and SVG images.


Microsoft Office 2019: Here's all that you need to Know


Excel 2019

The most used data analysis tool by professionals becomes much more powerful this year. Office plans to kick things up in the 2019 version of the software.

The update will feature new formulas, new charts like funnel charts and 2D maps. With enhancements to PowerPivot, you’ll also get the ability to publish from Excel to Microsoft’s own business analytics service –  Power BI.


Microsoft Office 2019: Here's all that you need to Know



Outlook 2019

The Outlook 2019 includes a bunch of new features – updated contact cards, support for Office 365 groups and mentions. This time Microsoft has made email management much easier, they have included features like:

  • Updated contact cards
  • Office 365 Groups
  • @mentions
  • Focused inbox
  • Travel package cards

The focused inbox helps you to categorize their emails, along with new summaries for deliveries and travel related emails.


Microsoft Office 2019: Here's all that you need to Know


The improved Inking features

Inking features have become much popular these days with popular Microsoft powered touch devices by Lenovo in YogaBooks or by HP in Spectre Notebooks and all others including in the SurfaceBooks by Microsoft itself. The Inking pen helps to allow users to draw, note, and doodle directly onto their device’s screen.

The new Office 2019 will introduce all new inking capabilities across all apps –

  • pressure sensitivity,
  • tilt effects that help you adjust the ink’s thickness depending on the angle of the pen,
  • a roaming pencil case, that will allow users to store and organize their favourite pens, pencils, and highlighters to roam with them across their different devices.


The Office 2019 seems to be a fresh designed power-packed contender and a true successor to Office 2016… 🙂

“With Office 2019, we’re moving the perpetual versions of Office to C2R exclusively so IT can take advantage of modern deployment technology to reduce costs and improve security.”- Microsoft


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