As the world’s point of view and technology changes, the young generation started to take Gaming seriously. The young generation understands that the Gaming field can change their future. It can be a huge source of income.

In the Gaming field requires three things or you can say three pillars, which are Game Designers, Gamers, and Platforms to play the Game.

As the designers are developing their games to fulfill Gamer’s requirement, Gaming Platform manufacturers have to update their products to manage the huge heavyweight graphics and Game size.

Lenovo launched their fully updated  Legion Y530 as a tougher and harder gaming laptop than other to giving you a unique gaming experience.

Rather than the hardware part, there is a unique easy port management idea applied.

Let’s check this out

🏆 Looks

The bulky gaming laptops of old are gone, and now is the time to embrace a machine that is worthy of you—stylish on the outside, savage on the inside. At 24 mm and 2.3 kg, the Lenovo Legion Y530 Laptop was redesigned to deliver the ideal balance between epic gaming performance and practical portability.


🏆 Display

With its thin bezels, the Y530 packs more than 2 million pixels into a near-edgeless 15-inch FHD display. Combined with up to 144 Hz refresh rate, 300 nits of brightness, and an IPS Antiglare screen, this laptop brings your favorite games to life, for breathtakingly immersive gameplay on the go.


🏆 Performance

The Y530 features Intel’s high-performance 8th Gen Intel® Core™ mobile processors, delivering the ultimate on-the-go performance with support for Intel® Optane™ Technology—optimized to game the way you do, with up to six cores and 12 threads for high-end gaming and pro-level content creation.


🏆 Graphics

The Y530 is a true gaming rig, powered by NVIDIA® Pascal™-the most advanced GPU architecture ever created. This advanced GPU boosts performance in high-definition and supports DirectX12 features to deliver super-fast, smooth and power-efficient gameplay. The Y530 comes loaded with even more innovative NVIDIA® game-ready technologies that let you experience the latest titles in their full immersive glory.


🏆 Keyboard

Your keyboard is the first and last thing you’ll touch during a serious gaming session, so its details matter. The Y530 delivers a full-sized, white-backlit, high-response keyboard and number pad with 1.7 mm of key travel, for the most ergonomic and comfortable gaming experience.


🏆 Cooling System

Heat, the nemesis of gaming performance, is not a problem with the remastered Y530. It features a dual-channel thermal system, offering multiple benefits: individual CPU and GPU cooling, for cooler system temperatures; four thermal vents, for improved airflow; and 70 individual fan blades per channel, to reduce system noise.


🏆 Ports

The Y530 features a convenient array of ports to make connections easy to you. Available ports are-

  1. USB Type-C port
  2. Mini DP port
  3. USB 3.0 port
  4. HDMI port
  5. RJ-45 port
  6. AC adaptor port
  7. Kensington Lock slot


The price is starting from INR 89,199.00 and varies as per the Processor, Storage Capacity, Graphics, and the Connectivity hardware vary.

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