Microsoft’s annual conference Ignite is running in Orlando, Florida. Still now, Microsoft announced many important upcoming updates, product launching and their projects which will surely be helpful for you. Let’s check the announcements.


🌐 Microsoft Office Update

Microsoft is going to add some AI features to their office tools to improve your working experience as well as your presentation quality.

This organization is also building a universal search tool called “Microsoft search” which will be firstly available in, Bing, SharePoint, and Outlook app.


🌐 Windows Virtual Desktop

Microsoft will provide Virtual Windows 10 loaded desktops in Azure. For this technology, anyone can get their well-known desktop anywhere through the Cloud. No need to carry the physical machine.



🌐 Updated Microsoft Teams

Teams’ update is coming with two cool new features. After getting the updated user can Blur the background and secondly the meeting video can be recorded.

As a benefit, during the video calls no need to find a proper background and no need to remember what was in the meeting.


🌐 Azure Digital Twins

New Azure provides facility to build Digital IoT models of any physical platform in the cloud. As a result, developers can run and test the changes they do in the project without changing the physical model.


🌐 Go Password Less

Passwords are annoying for everyone. But, security has more priority. To handle this compromisation, Microsoft announces that businesses who use Azure can use Microsoft Authenticator to log in into their projects.


🌐 Collaborating with SAP and Adobe

Microsoft, SAP, and Adobe will work together to develop a system to make the data flow between systems more easier and quicker.


🌐 Launching Surface Hub 2

Microsoft will launch their Surface Hub 2 in 2019. And the next update of it named Surface Hub 2X will come in 2020.


And that’s all.


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