FIFA 19 officially goes on sale on 28th September. But the fans across all consoles can test the new game on the demo right now.


Anticipation for the game is at a high. Especially considering EA Sports have spent the past week announcing their top 100 players. For the 1st time in years, they have made Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo as the joint-top rated players with 94 rating.



When you can get your hands on the FIFA 19 demo?

The demo will be released on Thursday, 13th September. You will be able to download it on PC, Xbox One and PS4.



Which teams you can play with in the demo version?


Like previous editions, the fans are given the chance to play a kick-off match with one of the 9 sides:

  • Atletico Madrid
  • Borussia Dortmund
  • Bayern Munich
  • Juventus
  • Manchester City
  • Manchester United
  • Paris Saint-Germain
  • Real Madrid
  • Tottenham Hotspur



Which stadiums are there in the demo version?

To celebrate FIFA’s expansion into the wonderful world of La Liga this season, the two playable stadiums in the demo will be Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabeu and Atletico Madrid’s Wanda Metropolitano.



What are the features that make FIFA 19 stand out among the previous versions?

FIFA 19 promises some cool new features. Lets have a look at them


The new gaming modes :


From this year, in addition to Classic Kick-Off, there will be five new match types to choose from in the full game.

UEFA Champions League
House Rules
Best Of Series
Home & Away
Cup Finals

UEFA Champions League is basically Classic Kick-Off but with all the fancy graphics, overlays and atmosphere from FIFA’s new tie-in with Europe’s elite club competition. EA Sports have the video game rights for the UEFA Champions League this season.

Best of Series is a mode which lets players play a series of three or five matches to determine the overall winner.

Home & Away is a two-legged tie decided by the aggregate score from the two games.

Cup Finals allows you to choose from a number of real life cup finals. Such as the Champions League Final, Europa League Final, FA Cup Final, and others. It will include the official kits, badges, match balls, and authentic broadcast overlays.

House Rules is the place where the things really get interesting. If you’ve ever found the rules of football too boring or constrictive, FIFA 19 allows you to throw the rule book out of the window. You can now play matches with no offsides, fouls or bookings, or where only goals scored with a header or a volley count. There’s also Survival Mode in which your team loses a player every time you score a goal. And First to … where the winner is the first team to score three goals, for example


The increased realism :

Every year fans wonder whether the FIFA series changes enough to warrant a new version, with some always suggesting a big update to the current game including transfers, kit changes and league alterations. But it is the little changes which make the world of difference with every passing game, and in FIFA 19 it is no different.

One of the complaints in the past has been the players’ realistic reaction, or lack of, to things which normal people would. Such as receiving a ball to the face or nether regions. Well, no more complaints. FIFA 19 has improved on the realism so gamers can watch their player go down after being hit in the face with a ball on a cold, wet, windy night in Stoke. Though the we’ll only get the experience of the Bet365 Stadium once the full game is out.



50/50 battles improving the midfield :

In the past few editions of the FIFA series, we have seen improvement to defence and attack. But now the middle of the pitch is latest to go under the knife.

FIFA 19 has come with smarter AI. Players are more coherent and aggressive in the manner in which they try to win the ball from you. The new 50/50 Battles adds physicality into the game. We will see players more likely to stick a leg out to try and intercept a ball going past them rather than just watching as you move it about. This makes the midfield a lot more important to the team, as they will be able to stop attacks before they reach the defensive line, cutting out passing lanes in a better way than they had in the past – even if the best passing option was chosen.



Increased importance of tactics :

Some of us are serial tinkerers when it comes to tactics on FIFA. While others will stick with the default formation and barely make any changes as the game goes on – regardless of the result. While the latter have always been able to fulfil their wishes, with no requirements to make changes apart from when a player is injured. Those who wanted more instant control over their tactics have finally got what they wanted.

Now, as part of the team management screen, players can set specific tactics to use in certain situations. These options replace the default ‘ultra defensive’, ‘defensive’, ‘attacking’ and ‘ultra attacking’ choices in nature, though not name.

Want to switch to two banks of five at the push of a button mid-match in the Champions League final? Now you can. Want to throw eight players at your opponents to try and push for a goal to secure safety from relegation? You can do so without even pausing the game.



Revamped shooting gives more control :

Though the midfield has got some improvements this year, finishing has once again been beefed given players more control of their shots on goal. With new Timed Finishing, players can turn a normal shot into one capable of beating the best goalkeepers in the game with ease 99 times out of 100.

Rather than pressing the shoot button just once, an extra tap – which needs to be timed perfectly – will add more power and accuracy to the effort. This comes at a risk, however, with a tap either too early or too late being detrimental to your shot, almost always guaranteeing a miss. Though some may not wish to tempt fate, sticking to what they know, for the best FIFA players this will be just another way to take control and put themselves ahead of the rest.



One button control for a random goal celebration :

We can now press one button (circle on PlayStation 4) to have our goalscorer perform a random celebration. This is a fantastic addition for a number of reasons. It should mix things up while playing online. We are sick of seeing the same troll celebration whenever we concede a goal playing FIFA online. Hopefully the draw of being able to trigger a random celebration will be too hard to resist for most.



A new indicator showing the next switched player :

Another nice addition for FIFA 19 is the game now has an indicator that tells us which player we’ll switch to if we press the switch player button. This appears above the player’s head. It’s a feature nicked from PES, but a welcome one all the same. (We can turn this off in settings, by the way.)



The Journey :

The demo will also allow us to renew our acquaintance with Alex Hunter and play the first chapter of what will be the third and final instalment of The Journey.


The full version of FIFA 19 doesn’t come out until 28th September. But for the next couple of weeks, you can get up to speed with the new game by taking the demo version for a spin.


You can pre order FIFA 19 from these links :



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