You all know about Google Tez. Tez was one of the leading apps in India for money transfer.

Yes, ‘Tez was’. The reason is it is switched to Google Pay a few days ago as this is it’s 1st Aniversary.

Every Money transferring app is trying to grab the market of UPI Transaction. Google Pay is one of the leading among them. To cover the market a little bit more, to Promote them with their new name and to celebrate 1st Aniversary Google Pay provides a new offer.


MAKEOVER of Google Tez: Google Pay


This new offer is going to be much Profitable than other for all users.

🔥 Offer details:

To be eligible for this new offer you have to do 5 P2P Monytransfers [ Google Pay to Google Pay ] before expiring this offer which is 18th September 2018(9.00 AM IST).

After performing all five successful transactions you will be eligible to be entered into the 1st Aniversary offer draw to earn a reward worth Rs.5 to Rs.1,00,000.


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