Jinson Johnson helped India secure its 12th gold medal at the ongoing 18th Asian Games in Jakarta.


Jinson Johnson’s dream run at the 2018 Asian Games continued as the 27-year-old sprinted his way to a gold medal in the 1500m men’s final, clocking a time of 3:44:72 minutes to finish on top of the pack. He becomes the first Indian in 56 years to win this event at the Asian Games.



He finished in second place behind compatriot Manjit Singh in the men’s 800 m event. And now he has eventually won gold in the men’s 1500 m.

Jinson Johnson was the favourite from the start of the race. He managed to stay in the top three positions right throughout the race. He trailled behind Iran’s Amir Moradi and Bahrain’s Mohammad Tiaouali. In the final lap, Jinson seemed to have hit the accelerator as he raced away to a commanding lead. He eventually converted it to a gold medal finish in the end.



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