Good news Intel fans!!! A new & updated Pentium finally lands in India with a price tag of Rs.4,850

Intel has already has made a revolution in the budget level processing to cope up with AMD. The new Pentium is much more improved and way better than the best Intel budget processor –  Intel Pentium G4560.

The new Pentium Gold G5400 is based on the Coffee Lake architecture with 14nm process. Also, it has a higher clock frequency than its predecessor.




The core count remains the same of 2 Cores. You get Intel’s proprietary Hyperthreading technology that accounts 4 threads for the processor. Both the cores are clocked at 3.7 GHz base frequency.

Also, you get a good amount of cache memory of about 4MB Smart Cache. The processor supports the modern DDR4 2400Mhz RAM with max support up to 64GB.

And there comes the inbuilt graphics section, where Intel will not fail you with the G5400. The processor has Intel® UHD Graphics 610 that has support for 4K graphics at the 60Hz refresh rate.

The processor has a base graphics frequency of 350 MHz and maximum Dynamic graphics frequency up to 1.05 GHz. If compared with the Ryzen 3 2200G which is about double the price of this one, delivers almost similar. Though the architecture and latency of the Ryzen 2200G make it better.


Intel Pentium Gold G5400 processor makes its way to India


The thing is that the Pentium G5400 gold is a revolutionary dual-core processor when compared with its price. Also, this Intel processor supports Intel’s Optane Memory platform.

Also, the processor has a low TDP of about 58W, which is quite good for a dual-core processor. And there you get the DirectX 12 supports with the processor as well…

These processors are compatible with Intel 300 Series chipset based motherboards. These are available in adequate in the market and are also cheap.


Intel Pentium Gold G5400 processor makes its way to India


Pricing & Availability

The processor which was until this mid-2018 was available only via, makes its way to every retail or online store in India. The processor is priced quite in accordance with its predecessor…

The US price is 65$ and the Indian price too seems similar to Rs.4,850. Now that may differ from seller to seller… Here are the places where you can find the processor:

Amazon US:

Amazon India:

mdcomputers: here

This processor is intended for basic users for basic home and office use. With a good amount of modern features gaming on this processor up to a certain level will also please you a lot.

The main advantage with this processor is that it is it’s cost efficient and also value for money…


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We will soon make an awesome PC Built with this processor for everyone… Till then stay UPDATED with TechnoSports’s latest news feeds…