Pubg is one of the best smartphone games of all times. Here are few things you need to know about PUBG season 3.

Pubg is one of the best smartphone games of all times. For the past few months, it is simply dominating the mobile gaming world. Tencent is very punctual about the updates and the bug fixes which attracts more users. Recently Pubg mobile has introduced a lite version of Pubg called PUBG LITE for low-end Android smartphones.

Another exciting feature about this game is the seasonal ranking system which keeps a player coming back to the game in order to achieve high ranks. As we all know that season 2 has just ended just a few days back and the rankings are also been reset. So if you are waiting impatiently, so here are all the updates you need.

Season 3 Release Date :

An official Indonesian Facebook page of Pubg stated

“Royale Pass ends on August 19 at 0:00 UTC (7:00 WIB). After that, players cannot enter the Royale Pass service. Cannot redeem prizes, get RP points.”

“The New Season will start on August 22 at 2:00 UTC. RP points, data levels, and leaderboard will be reset.

“The items you get from Royale Pass are permanent except those that are temporary (i.e. Custom Room).”

From the above article, it is prominent,
that Pubg season three will kick off globally on August 22. Season three will be handy with some of the most exciting updates.


Added Features in Season 3:

Pubg season 2 was a complete success to Tencent games. The downloads are more than 100 million, so they are looking forward to continuing this streak. For that they had made some changes discussed below :

1. Pubg Corp has assured that Season 3 will have fewer bugs as compared to season 2.

2. Addition of a new map (Sanhok).

3. Introduction of newer skins to the existing guns.

4. New rifle Beryl M762 (assault rifle with 7.62 ammo) will be added.

5. Vehicles namely Scooters and Tukshais will be available in Sanhok Map.

6. Two emoticons will be available for free namely ” angry” and “surrender” which players can get using RP points.

7. Few changes in places of loot for the old maps ( Miramar and Erangel)

8. New costumes will be added.


Well, these are the few likely changes that can observe in season three.

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