Industry’s leading processor manufacturer AMD, plans to deliver products that will be 25x more power efficient by 2020

AMD has always been driving innovation and encouraging the industry with its revolutionary products. They have shaken the tech giant Intel with its processors.

What AMD has been failed to achieve in years is their power efficiency. AMD’s old APUs have consumed more power and generated a lot of heat. This made users shift to Intel who always been power efficient and driving about every machinery on this earth.

With Ryzen, AMD has just taken a leap in performance. They have literally shaken Intel with their products. But has AMD become smarter in every aspect? Well no…



Why AMD needs to be more power efficient?

Though they have beaten Intel with respect to performance, on the other hand still people prefer Intel. It is because Intel delivers performance with lesser power consumption.

Though both the processors have the same TDP, AMD’s one accounts to consume a bit more power than the Intel. Especially for laptops, Intel processors are quite standardized because they deliver great performance with low power consumption.

Intel’s Hyperthreading makes its processors more efficient. On the other, the Precision Boost that has been implemented by AMD on Ryzen seems promising but not that great especially for laptops and for those things that require less power.


AMD plans to be 25x more power efficient by 2020
Workstations are now powered by AMD


For desktop processors, AMD has delivered brilliant performance when compared to the price of their products. In a few aspects such as overclocking, security and bringing unique features like SesnseMi, StoreMi and others, AMD has excelled.

So, to become the most powerful yet the coolest, AMD needs to pull up its socks…


What is AMD aiming to achieve?

AMD has made a roadmap to achieve more efficiency through their processors. From their first Ryzen to 2020’s Ryzen, efficiency is planned to increased 25 times.


AMD plans to be 25x more power efficient by 2020


AMD has already planned to improve their architecture with years to come. By 2020 they aim the 10nm architecture that will drive ultimate performance with much more efficiency…

They have started to power offices, workstations, and other heavy workload fields. Now everyone wants more performance with less power consumption.

That’s AMD wants to achieve by 2020 to secure its users. Gone are the day’s people complaining AMD of the power consumption issues. The Zen architecture has been the key to AMD’s success, which they plan to improve with days to come.


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