PUBG is one of the best action games for the Android and PC platform. It portrays an awesome gaming experience along with a realistic touch. The major issue that most of the people face is due to the Lag because of the reason that Pubg is a high graphics game which needs a huge storage.


PUBG Corp has made a mission to fix maximum lags possible within this year. They have added some new elements to the test server as a part of update #20. The patch went live on Friday and should be released in the live servers very soon. We can expect the upcoming update will have comparatively less lags.



New Weapon: The upcoming Sanhok map will feature a new rifle Beryl M762 which uses 7.62 mm ammunition. The weapon is more efficient than AKM as it can take more stability attachments which improve the overall accuracy and reduce recoil in burst fire.


New Vehicles: The new Sanhok map will introduce a couple of new vehicles namely Tukshais and Scooters. The Scooters will replace motorbikes on Sanhok Map and it will be introduced in the other maps Erangel and Miramar lately.



The Tukshai is a three-wheeled vehicle which is added exclusively in Sanhok Map. It is currently being tested in the test server to ensure the gameplay experience.


The Sanhok Map which is expected to release by September will have small additions which enhances the realistic touch of the game and ensure a better gameplay.

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