Planning to buy a smart speaker? Confused of which voice assistant should you confront with? Here we bring the best Voice Assitant of 2018 for your smart home

In this digital world, smart homes and speakers have become quite common these days. From developed to developing, all countries are making tremendous evolution in IOT…

IOT has made things easier, bridging the gap between electronic components and digital devices. That’s why controlling electronic items have just become easier.

With the advent of Voice Assistants, things have become much simpler. If your speaker is connected to other electronic items, you can switch them on or off just with your voice.

These days smart speakers let’s navigate, listen to music, narrate a story, shops for you and what not. Now among the three big voice assistant which one should you choose?

So to make things easier we have included a research by into our post:


Top 3 voice assistants:


3. Apple Siri (used with Apple Homepod) – Best for Apple users

Apple Siri is one of the smartest out there but, it is much more effective for smartphones. It is available at Apple’s e-store and retails…


Best Voice Assistant of 2018 for your smart home


What makes it stand out of others?

  • Best for HomeKit device owners: The Apple HomePod works like magic if you are a HomeKit device owner. Well, HomeKit is Apple’s own smart device ecosystem. Though there are fewer integrations, still setting things up is pretty easy.
  • Great for Apple users: Well if you are a top to bottom Apple user then Siri is the best voice assistant for you. If you have a lot of Apple devices and want to make a good integration then Siri is there for you.
  • Extensive Language Support: Siri has excelled in this segment, with support over 20 languages Siri is very much versatile. But it’s important for you to know Siri only supports English when using the Apple HomePod smart speaker. Siri is more versatile if used in iPhone only…

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Reasons why you shouldn’t buy it?

  • Limited voice applications: The biggest disadvantage of Appl’s Siri is that it does not have many voice applications. It is because it has limited integrations with third-party apps.
  • Siri supporting devices aren’t so versatile: Apart from automation, Siri isn’t that effective with other smart devices in your living room or kitchen. The HomePod cannot add events to your calendar through Siri and cannot recognize different voices.


2. Google Assistant (used with Google Home) – Effective & is widely used

Google Assitant as you know is the smart voice assistant provided by Google. It is available on any Android device or in any Google Home smart speaker…


Best Voice Assistant of 2018 for your smart home



What makes it stand out of others?

  • Impressively Intelligent & accurate: When it comes to answering questions and providing some info Google Assitant stands out of its competitors. During the test of more than 4,000 questions led by Stone Temple, Google Assistant consistently outperformed other industry leaders including Alexa, Siri, and Cortana. Also, it can do 2 tasks at the same moment…
  • Advancing rapidly: Though Google Assitant falls behind others when it comes to voice applications or smart-device compatibility. But Google is pacing up its speed though, with its announcements at CES 2018 of matching Amazon Alexa’s Routines. This feature works like if you say “Hey Google, good morning” and your assistant will turn on the lights, tell you the weather, and stream music.
  • Stands out in entertainment: If you are using Google Assistant with a Google Home speaker and Chromecast devices will streamline your entertainment experience. You just need to activate your Google Assistant on the speaker to control any Chromecast device. With just one command you can stream from the wide option of YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, and others. The main rivalry between Google and Amazon is YouTube. Due to YouTube, Google has a wide range of entertainment and multimedia which is hard to experience with Amazon’s Alexa.

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Reasons why you shouldn’t buy it?

  • Doesn’t have that many voice applications: In this sector, Alexa is way too forward with over 30k voice applications. So, the usage of Google Assistant still seems to restricted. But, with time you can expect more voice applications for Google voice assistants paired with your Google Home.
  • Less flexible for home automation: In this sector, Google Assistant does not seem to as flexible as Siri or even Alexa. Google Assitant is still developing itself to pair with more number of devices and make a good automation.


1. Amazon Alexa (used with Amazon Echo devices) – Intelligence redefined

The most famous voice assistant for Amazon Echo devices, the Alexa is widely used and has a lot of integrations with smart home devices.




What makes it stand out of others?

  • Impressively Intelligent: Alexa is very intelligent when it comes to understanding user’s commands and implementing it onto other devices. It is also highly fast and capable of answering general questions. It can perform tasks like news briefing or calendar reminder. With the new Follow-up Mode, it allows you to give multiple commands to Alexa. Well, with a wide range of conversational qualities Alexa is always keeping up its pace against the fast-moving digital world.
  • A wide range of skills: Amazon Alexa skills are voice applications that are similar to the apps on a smartphone. The skills allow you to perform tasks such as streaming music, reserving an Uber, and even completing a guided yoga session. Amazon also allows any third-party developers to create skills — anyone with the free Alexa Skills Kit can create one. So, there are endless opportunities for improvements and skills for Alexa. It has nearly 30,000 skills to choose from…
  • Easy Shopping: This is the strongest reason why everyone prefers Alexa. With Amazon’s shopping, with one voice command, you can order anything with a flow. You can even ask Alexa if Amazon is offering any exclusive deals for easy savings if your hands are full, making it a useful companion in the home. For doing all this you need to have an Amazon Prime Membership as well…
  • Variety of Smart device support:  Amazon Alexa has the greatest amount of compatibility with other smart-home devices such as Philips Hue (lights) and Vivint Hub (smart hub). With the Alexa app, you can even monitor the use of your devices, making more flexible at the end of the day. Also controlling devices and automation is just very smooth and easy with Alexa.

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Reasons why you shouldn’t buy it?

  • Answers don’t always seem accurate: One of the major disadvantages of Alexa is that all the answers by Alexa do not seem accurate enough as that with Google Assistant. A recent study by SEO and digital marketing firm Stone Temple revealed that Amazon Alexa has a slight tendency to answer questions incorrectly or not provide a relevant answer.
  • Mobile experience doesn’t seem to that good: Alexa doesn’t seem to install in all of the mobile devices. So, it’s difficult to always reach through your Amazon Echo to use Alexa. You can still use the voice assistant by downloading the Amazon Alexa App, but it isn’t as seamless as simply activating Google Assistant or Siri by voice.


So, here were the top 3 voice assistants according to our choice in collaboration with Well, the Bixby and Cortana aren’t included in the list because:

Cortana though is accurate enough revealed by Stone Temple study. But the voice assistant isn’t quite versatile enough for a recommendation. Cortana has been limited to Windows PCs and the Harmon Kardon Invoke speaker.

Bixby is just good to use for Samsung devices like smartphones and the new Samsung smart refrigerator


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