The smartphones are designed to make our lives simpler. The performance of a smartphone depends on many factors including the Operating system of the smartphone. Well in the present scenario, the majority of smartphones has Android or IOS.

The IOS operating system is only used by Apple while Android is used by companies like Motorolla, OnePlus, Samsung and many more. Well, there is another operating system that few of us know about. It is KaiOS. The operating system was founded in 2017 and is developed by Kai OS Technology headed by CEO Sebastien Codeville.

KaiOS is a Linux based mobile operating system that “merges the power of a smartphone with the affordability of a feature phone.”

” It is forked from B2G (Boot to Gecko), which is an open source community driven successor of Firefox OS ” The firefoxOS is discontinued by Mozilla in 2016.

The KaiOS is packed up with many features like 4G LTE, GPS, Wifi and it also has applications based on Html5. The battery backup is large and it has an app store known as kai store from which you can download applications like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and many more.

Some phones that feature KaiOS :

#Reliance Jio Phone

#Reliance Jio Phone 2

#Nokia 8110 4g

#Doro 7050

and many more

Well, KaiOS is not as smart as Android or IOS but has few positive sides :

Very cheap.

has Google’s voice assistant.

has a longer battery life.

High-speed internet due to 4G LTE.

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In near future, KaiOS will surely be able to occupy a part of the market due to its good features at a low price. For more tech feed visit our website Technosports, stay updated.